Startup Showcase: Goldbck – Revolutionizing Payments with Gold-Backed Rewards and Big Data Infrastructure

A Customer-Centric Alternate Payment Method Powered by Gold-Back Rewards and Pooled Big Data Infrastructure.

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Are you tired of traditional payment methods that lack personalization and rewards? Look no further than Goldbck Industries, the revolutionary Alternate Payment Method that puts the customer at the forefront.

A New Era in Payment Methods

At Goldbck, their mission is to make payments cohesive, frictionless, borderless, and brand agnostic. With one gold-backed value system, the eGOLD token unifies, collateralizes, and holds value in gold, allowing for seamless transactions between B2B2C and a gold-backed close-looped network.

Reduce CAC and Increase LTV

The eGOLD point, funded by merchants, creates a customer-centric experience that stimulates, attracts, engages, and retains customers for life. By using eGOLD, companies can amplify demand and promote direct purchases while matching customers’ aspirations with bespoke deals, products, and experiences with gold-backed offers on their website, app or POS.

The Future is Gold

As the only alternate payment method with its value tied to gold, Goldbck is perfect for those looking to invest in a future-proof payment option. Watch your Lifetime Value (LTV) grow and your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) reduce with the power of the eGOLD token.

Join the Goldbck Movement

In the ever-changing landscape of payment methods, Goldbck Industries has emerged as a customer-centric, personalized, and rewarding option. Join the Goldbck movement and start experiencing the future of payments today!


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