Startup Showcase: Goodsted – Engaging Stakeholders for Social and Environmental Progress

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The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 are ambitious, but the UK is currently on track to achieve only three out of the seventeen goals set forth. This is where Goodsted comes in – a digital platform that helps businesses engage their stakeholders to actively support initiatives that are progressing towards these goals. What sets Goodsted apart is its ability to help track engagement and impact, and facilitate the building of strong partnerships, making it an essential tool for companies looking to contribute to social and environmental progress. Let’s learn more about this impactful startup.

The Vision Behind Goodsted

Goodsted aims to create a world where everyone can contribute to social and environmental progress. While many businesses want to contribute, they often face challenges such as a lack of resources, a lack of time, or not knowing where to start. Goodsted goes beyond just providing a solution – it actively works with businesses to harness their resources and help them engage their stakeholders. It’s a co-creative process where Goodsted’s team works directly with businesses to identify opportunities and create tailored solutions.

Engaging Stakeholders

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is engaging their stakeholders – whether it’s employees, suppliers, or customers. Goodsted helps businesses overcome these challenges in several ways:

  • Gamification: Goodsted’s platform is gamified, making it more engaging and interesting for users. This encourages them to participate more actively and regularly.
  • Customization: The platform can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business. This helps businesses tailor engagement strategies and initiatives to suit their stakeholders.
  • Impact tracking: Goodsted helps businesses track the impact of their engagement efforts. This not only provides valuable insights into what’s working (and what’s not), but also helps businesses quantify their impact, helping them communicate their contributions more effectively.
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Measuring Impact

Measuring impact is an essential part of any social or environmental initiative. Without measurement, it’s difficult to know whether goals are being met or whether resources are being used efficiently. Goodsted’s platform helps businesses measure the impact of their engagement efforts through its reporting and analytics features. This helps businesses understand the outcomes of their initiatives, enabling them to make more informed decisions about how to allocate resources and engage stakeholders more effectively.


Goodsted is more than just a software tool – it’s a partner for businesses that want to contribute towards social and environmental progress. With its customizable engagement strategies, gamified platform, and impact tracking features, it’s a powerful tool for businesses that want to go beyond mere talk and actively engage stakeholders in making a positive impact.


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