Startup Showcase: IMG AI Ltd – Changing the Way You See the World with Automated Business Intelligence

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IMG AI Ltd is a UK-based start-up that has developed an innovative solution for the automation of business intelligence using machine learning and AI. Their multi-feature extraction engine, AIMEE, uses remote-sensed imagery to create valuable, industry-specific insights. By distilling and disseminating relevant intelligence, IMG AI Ltd eliminates the tedious and time-consuming task of interpreting raw data, freeing up precious time and resources for their clients.

AIMEE: The Intelligence Revolution for Your Industry

IMGeospatial’s AIMEE changes the way you see your world by supplying critical answers tailored specifically to your sector. The technology is versatile and can be applied across a range of industries, including agriculture, insurance, utilities, and infrastructure. AIMEE’s sophisticated algorithms can detect features as small as potholes on a road, helping local authorities prioritize repair work and reduce costs. It can also detect crop types and predict yields, empowering farmers to make more informed decisions and increase their production output. The possibilities for AIMEE’s application in agriculture are vast, from monitoring soil moisture to detecting disease and insect infestations.

Changing the Status Quo with IMG AI Ltd

IMG AI Ltd’s mission is to revolutionize the access and use of business intelligence by automating the process. They believe that AIMEE represents an opportunity for businesses and organizations to improve their performance, drive growth, and make a positive impact on society as a whole. The innovative technology also aligns with the UK’s ambitious plans to become a world leader in AI and data analytics, and the company has received support from notable organizations such as the UK Space Agency.

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In addition to driving innovation and progress, IMG AI Ltd also recognizes the importance of responsible data usage. They are committed to ensuring that their technology adheres to ethical and environmental standards, and they are exploring ways to use AIMEE to address challenges such as climate change and sustainability.


IMG AI Ltd is a game-changer in the business intelligence industry and their innovative technology, AIMEE, is set to transform the way we approach data analysis. By automating the process, they have created a more efficient and cost-effective solution that produces valuable insights specific to each industry. Their mission to drive positive change through responsible data usage makes them an exciting and forward-thinking addition to the UK startup scene.


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