Startup Showcase: Oxbury Bank – Providing Specialised Lending to UK Farmers

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As the UK’s only specialist agricultural bank, Oxbury Bank has a singular focus on the rural economy. Their mission? To provide farmers with the specialised lending they need to run their farms – and to provide savings accounts to any individual or business that wants to back British farmers and UK agriculture.

Specialised Lending for Farmers

At Oxbury Bank, the agricultural industry isn’t just a sector they serve – it’s a community they’re part of. That’s why their focus is on helping farmers get the credit they need to keep their livelihoods running smoothly.

The bank’s deep understanding of the sector, backed by their purpose-built technology platform, enables them to make quick and appropriate decisions on credit facilities. This means farmers spend less time dealing with administration and more time doing what they do best – producing sustainable, quality crops and livestock.

The Oxbury Bank team consists of a group of experts with decades of experience in the agricultural sector. They also consult with farmers across the UK on a daily basis, which ensures they’re aware of the challenges the industry faces. This insight enables them to offer dedicated support and financial solutions that are specifically designed for farming operations.

Backing UK Agriculture

Oxbury Bank is committed to UK agriculture, and they believe that by lending to farmers (rather than overseas banks), they’re helping to keep the profits from crop and livestock sales within our economy.

Oxbury’s support for UK agriculture isn’t just financial – they also offer farmers a range of advice on a wide range of topics, including sustainable practices, animal welfare, and best practices to maintain healthy soil and water resources.

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Customer Savings Accounts

Oxbury Bank also offers savings accounts to individuals and businesses who want to support UK farmers. These accounts enable savers to deposit funds that are then used to help fund agricultural loans. It’s a win-win: savers earn interest on their deposits while supporting UK agriculture, and farmers receive the lending they need to grow and thrive.


Oxbury Bank’s unique position as the only specialist agricultural bank in the UK, combined with their dedication to the rural economy, make them the go-to lender for farmers looking for credit. By offering a range of financial solutions, expertise and insight, coupled with an unrivalled support network, Oxbury Bank is truly committed to supporting UK agriculture.


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