Startup Showcase: Intelligent AI – Revolutionizing Risk Underwriting Management

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As the world continues to face the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, businesses and insurers are constantly seeking new ways to reduce risk and operate more efficiently. Enter Intelligent AI, a startup that promises to revolutionize the way companies manage risk and enhance their operations using artificial intelligence.

Intelligent AI in Brief

Intelligent AI is based in Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom, and was founded in 2022 by Anthony Peake. The company specializes in providing risk underwriting management solutions to insurance companies and local governments globally. With their platform, the company uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, data science, satellite image analysis, and risk data sets to deliver a 360-degree view of risks across commercial property portfolios in real-time.

With their solutions, Intelligent AI is able to provide a comprehensive global location intelligence service to its clients to assess risk, predict, and mitigate hazards that may cause business interruption or other losses. As such, they aim to help businesses operate more efficiently and make informed decisions, knowing the risks associated with their commercial property portfolios.

The Problem with Traditional Risk Underwriting Management

Traditionally, managers of insurance companies and local governments had to work with outdated systems and inadequate information to assess risks. They mostly relied on manual inspections and risk models that were hardly accurate, timely, or efficient. This resulted in businesses failing to prepare for potential risks and suffering losses that could have been avoided.

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The Solution from Intelligent AI

Intelligent AI’s platform offers a more advanced and comprehensive alternative to traditional risk underwriting management. With AI incorporated in the process, businesses can get accurate risk assessments in real-time, making it possible to monitor risks and take necessary steps to mitigate them as soon as possible.

The company’s platform is designed to provide insights that help businesses safeguard their operations against risks. For instance, they can tell the client about the susceptibility of an area to natural disasters, political instability, or cyber attacks. In addition, the platform also provides real-time updates on risks, making it possible for business managers to make informed decisions that will reduce the possibility of losses.

A Unique Approach

Intelligent AI’s approach of providing comprehensive risk underwriting management solutions using advanced technologies is unique. Unlike most other players in the industry, the company uses cutting-edge technologies such as AI and satellite image analysis to get a more detailed and accurate view of risks across the globe.


Intelligent AI’s risk underwriting management platform has proven to be a reliable solution for businesses and insurance companies across the globe. By using advanced technologies to assess risks and provide insights that help managers make informed decisions, the company has positioned itself as a reliable partner in risk management. If you want to learn more about Intelligent AI and the solutions they offer, visit their website, and follow their social media pages.




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