Startup Showcase: Winvesta – The Neobank Building Borderless Investment Opportunities

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In a world where technology has made the globe more connected than ever before, accessing global investments has not been easy for residents in capital-controlled countries. That’s where Winvesta comes in. This UK-based fintech company is creating a platform to enable Indians to invest globally. In as little as 10 minutes, Indian residents and NRIs can open a US stock brokerage account and an international multi-currency bank account directly from the Winvesta app.

Winvesta is making it easier to build a globally diversified portfolio from India. With the Winvesta platform, users can invest in US stocks, buy and maintain international real estate, or save for foreign education. The neobank provides access to global banking products, overseas collections, and US stock investments.

Global Investments Made Simple

Opening an account with Winvesta is easy and straightforward. Users sign up for an account and complete KYC compliance in minutes. They can then transfer funds, convert currencies, and purchase US stocks from the same account. Winvesta handles all the back-end work for customers, including tax compliance and currency conversions. The neobank offers competitive exchange rates, and customers can choose to hold their investments in USD or INR.

US Stock Brokerage Account

The US stock market is the most massive and most liquid stock market globally, and with Winvesta, Indians can now buy and sell stocks in the US market. Customers can purchase shares from over 3,000 companies listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, or AMEX. The neobank offers fractional share investing, which allows users to buy a portion of a stock instead of buying the entire stock.

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International Multi-Currency Bank Account

Winvesta offers an international multi-currency bank account that enables customers to send and receive funds in multiple currencies. The neobank provides free multi-currency transfers, and customers can withdraw cash from ATMs anywhere, without paying any extra fees.

Global Investments for Everyone

Winvesta is looking to expand to other capital-controlled countries beyond India, helping people across the globe invest in a more diversified portfolio regardless of their location. With expanding banking services such as a virtual debit card, Winvesta is making global investments straightforward and accessible to everyone.


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