Startup Showcase: Jiva – Transforming Healthcare with AI-Powered Solutions

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Jiva is a UK-based startup that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with its Machine Learning Platform. The company is creating practical diagnostic solutions that offer a more accurate and efficient way to diagnose diseases. Jiva’s technology puts fusion at the heart of its learning procedure, enabling multimodal AI, which is a vital prerequisite for artificial general intelligence. By providing this cutting-edge technology, Jiva hopes to advance healthcare and change the way we approach treating and preventing diseases.

Jiva’s Core Technology

In machine learning, fusion is the process of iteratively building partial models independently and joining them together to create more extensive, better representations. Jiva uses this technique to create a powerful, scalable architecture that can fuse multimodal data sources optimally. The company’s platform’s core technology enables data scientists to develop diagnostic solutions that are more accurate and efficient while reducing false positive rates, thus improving patient outcomes. Jiva’s technology also allows for real-time predictions utilizing edge computing, which can improve the accuracy of diagnostics or predictions to help save lives.

Jiva Solutions

Jiva’s technology can be applied to multiple disease areas, and the company provides use-cases in specific areas, including prostate cancer MRI analysis, liver disease diagnosis, and bone fracture identification. In identifying clinically relevant tumours, Jiva’s prostate cancer MRI analysis use-case has shown a reduced false-positive rate, helping to avoid unnecessary biopsies. Furthermore, liver disease diagnosis models have shown enhanced capability to identify early-stage liver disease and determine disease progression, which will help clinicians determine the necessary treatment plans. Jiva’s platform enables medical professionals to diagnose and treat ailments more efficiently and accurately, thus leading to better patient outcomes.

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Jiva’s Data Science Platform

Jiva also provides a platform for data scientists to build their predictive models, enabling them to solve problems more effectively by using the company’s fusion technology. The company’s platform makes building effective diagnostic solutions easier and more accessible than ever before, allowing medical professionals to concentrate on their patients rather than dealing with complex coding procedures.


Jiva’s innovative technology is at the forefront of current AI development and has the potential to significantly advance the healthcare industry. By offering practical diagnostic solutions, Jiva’s machine learning platform can provide a more accurate and efficient method of diagnosing diseases, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes. With solutions available in several disease areas and with their data science platform, Jiva is making a significant impact on the healthcare industry by enabling researchers to build more effective solutions. Overall, Jiva’s technology has significant potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry, contributing to making healthcare services worldwide more accessible and efficient.




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