Startup Showcase: LIFT ME OFF – Revolutionizing Autonomous In-Orbit Satellite Services

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Are you looking for a startup that is taking the space industry by storm? Look no further than LIFT ME OFF, the London-based company that is revolutionizing Autonomous In-Orbit Satellite Services. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll dive into the innovative technologies that LIFT ME OFF is using to make space a safer and more sustainable place for all.

Introducing LIFT ME OFF

LIFT ME OFF (LMO) is a UK-based startup that is dedicated to offering intelligent on-orbit servicing solutions in the transportation, manufacturing, refuelling, recovery, and repair fields. The company uses its expertise in Propulsion and Computer Vision to enable satellites to autonomously identify and move away from or rendezvous with objects on-orbit.

Revolutionizing the Space Industry

Currently, the process of servicing an orbiting satellite requires a manned mission, which can be costly and dangerous. LIFT ME OFF’s technology enables the satellite to perform these maneuverers autonomously, reducing the cost and risk of manned missions. This breakthrough has the potential to revolutionize the space industry by making space more accessible, as well as safer and more sustainable.

The Future of Autonomous In-Orbit Satellite Services

LIFT ME OFF is not just offering intelligent on-orbit servicing solutions, but also independent subsystems for servicing and non-servicing missions. This opens doors for new and innovative missions in space. Additionally, LIFT ME OFF’s combined technology developments in Propulsion and Computer Vision can be used to monitor and manage debris in space, making it a safer place for all.

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Get Connected with LIFT ME OFF

LIFT ME OFF’s website and social media accounts offer further insight into the company’s exciting developments. Follow LIFT ME OFF on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news and developments from this exciting startup.


LIFT ME OFF’s innovative technology is changing the game in the space industry, offering intelligent on-orbit services that will make space a safer and more sustainable place for all. If you’re interested in keeping up with LIFT ME OFF’s progress, be sure to follow their website and social media accounts. With LIFT ME OFF leading the way, the future of Autonomous In-Orbit Satellite Services is looking bright.


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