Startup Showcase: Like Locals – Uncovering Unique Culture in Cities

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As travellers, we often seek to experience the authentic culture of a new city, but figuring out where to find it can be a challenge. That’s where Like Locals comes in – a travel media startup that combines local insights, immersive storytelling and innovative tech to help curious explorers uncover each city’s unique culture. In this startup showcase, we’ll take a closer look at Like Locals, their mission, and what sets them apart.

Empowering Curiosity and Exploration

The subtitle says it all – Like Locals is on a mission to inspire and empower curious explorers to uncover each city’s unique culture. Through their in-house editorial team and network of local insiders, Like Locals creates location-based content that goes beyond the typical tourist hotspots to highlight the hidden gems that locals love. Whether it’s a hidden restaurant, a street art mural, or a little-known museum, Like Locals helps travellers experience the authentic culture of a new city.

Blending Community-Driven Insights and Innovative Tech

What sets Like Locals apart is their blend of community-driven local insights and innovative tech. Their app offers self-guided city trails called footprints, and insights into the best local hotspots. But what’s really impressive is their intuitive recommendation engine, which personalises the platform to match the user’s needs. This means no more sifting through irrelevant recommendations – Like Locals helps travellers find the experiences that are truly a fit for them.

Expansion Plans

Currently available in Budapest, London, Barcelona and Athens, Like Locals is expanding rapidly – with new cities expected to come by Spring 2020. But expansion isn’t the only thing on the horizon for Like Locals. They’re also launching a new functional online platform that promises to make exploring new cities even easier and more seamless.

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In Closing

Like Locals is a travel media startup that’s all about empowering travellers to uncover the authentic culture of each city they visit. With a combination of community-driven local insights, immersive storytelling and innovative tech, Like Locals delivers travel experiences that truly resonate with curious explorers. We can’t wait to see what they do next.


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