Startup Showcase: Gett Me – The Revolutionary Ride Hailing Marketplace

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The Solution to Simplify Your Life and Save Your Time and Money

Gett Me, an innovative ride-hailing marketplace, is offering a solution to the tedious process of comparing and booking taxis from multiple providers in different apps. With Gett Me, you can easily find the best available ride from multiple taxi providers in real-time, all in one app. This eliminates the need to open multiple apps, creating a more streamlined and efficient process for finding the best ride for your needs. Additionally, Gett Me saves you money by finding the cheapest and quickest ride for you.

An Integrated Hiring Experience Loaded into One Single App

At Gett Me, we pride ourselves on simplicity, ease, and sustainability. We offer an integrated hiring experience loaded into one single app for your convenience. Our app is user-friendly, allowing you to book a ride with ease and simplicity.

Moreover, Gett Me offers a unique and exciting experience by partnering with various taxi providers such as Uber, Bolt, and local private taxi services. Whether you are looking for an everyday ride or something more extraordinary, Gett Me has got you covered.

Contributing to a Better World with Each Ride You Take

Gett Me supports environmental sustainability and improving people’s mental and emotional wellbeing, contributing to a better world after every ride. For every ride you take with Gett Me, we plant a tree, ensuring you leave a positive impact on our planet. We believe that every ride is an opportunity to connect people in positive ways and have a measurable impact on the environment. With Gett Me, it’s One Ride – One Tree.

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In summary, Gett Me is not just another ride-hailing app; it’s a revolutionary marketplace that simplifies the tedious process of comparing and booking taxis. Our integrated hiring experience is loaded into one single app, allowing you to book a ride with ease, simplicity, and sustainability. With Gett Me, you save time and money while contributing to a better world by planting a tree on every ride you take.





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