Startup Showcase: Lotuly Industries – Revolutionizing Translation & Localisation Services

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Lotuly Industries is shaking up the Translation & Localisation industry with its unique approach to human translation services. Founded in London, England, Lotuly Industries operates worldwide, providing translation and localisation services to a diverse range of clients. Their mission is to help create more caring relationships by enabling businesses and their customers to start meaningful conversations.

A Global Translation Service with a Human Touch

Lotuly Industries has set itself apart from the competition by offering a global translation service that is easy, transparent, and trustworthy. Their team of over a thousand native-speaking translators can translate over 90 different languages in more than 8,000 combinations. With specialist expertise in all major industries, Lotuly Industries is equipped to handle any translation project, no matter how complex.

Fast Translation Services Without Compromising on Quality

In an increasingly fast-paced world, Lotuly Industries recognizes the need for fast translation services. However, they refuse to compromise on quality. Through the use of innovative translation technology, they can provide a streamlined service that delivers high-quality translations in record time.

A 24/7 Service for the Digital Age

Lotuly Industries is aware that translation needs can arise at any time. To meet the demands of the digital age, they provide a 24/7 service that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. This ensures that translation needs are met promptly and effectively, without disruption to business operations.

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Eco-Friendly Practices

Lotuly Industries is committed to operating an eco-friendly and sustainable business. They run a zero-waste, paperless business and plant a tree for every 500 words they translate. This shows their dedication to minimizing the impact of their operations on the environment.

Follow Lotuly Industries on Social

Lotuly Industries is active on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, where they keep their followers updated on the latest developments and provide useful information on translation and localisation. They also have a YouTube channel coming soon, where they will share their journey, insights, and industry news.

Revolutionizing Translation & Localisation Services

Lotuly Industries is revolutionizing the Translation & Localisation industry with its unique combination of human expertise and technological innovation. As a startup, they have shown that they are not afraid to take risks and embrace change. Their commitment to providing fast, reliable, and sustainable translation services has already earned them a reputation as one of the leading players in the industry.





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