Who Are the Pioneering UK IoT Startups Shaping Our Future?

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The United Kingdom is at the forefront of technological innovation in Europe, especially in the realm of Internet of Things(IoT). This has created a vibrant startup ecosystem comprising of companies that are redefining various industries. In this article, we will explore some of the unique, trailblazing UK-based IoT startups that are transforming the way we interact with the digital world.

IoT encompasses all interconnected devices that are able to communicate and exchange data. This ranges from home automation systems to industrial IoT platforms. The companies listed below demonstrate the diversity and potential of this technology, transforming sectors such as education, marketing, manufacturing, energy, and more.

Each of these startups is pushing the boundary of what’s possible in their respective domains. They contribute to the UK’s status as a hub for IoT innovation, creating value for their customers and disrupting established practices in their sectors. Let’s break down these startups, in order to gain some insights into what they do and the people behind these marvels.


Weissman is a full-service digital agency, specializing in advertising, digital marketing, digital media, internet, IoT, and marketing sectors. Founded by Paul Querol and Sebastian Harterink, Weissman aligns marketing strategy with client’s overall business objectives to produce tangible outcomes.


Datahoard provides a platform for individuals to view, control, and monetize their digital footprint. Founded by Balal Raja and Jamal Khan, it operates in the B2B, Big Data, cloud data services, developer APIs, digital marketing, and IoT sector.

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Dicey Tech

Edtech company Dicey Tech empowers students through project-based learning and is paving the way for the Industry 4.0 epoch. Founded by Alex Alexandrescu and Sofiane Bebert, Dicey Tech operates in the fields of 3D printing, 3D tech, e-learning, education, IT, IoT, mechanical engineering, and STEM education.

Simpatica Group

Simpatica Group was created to speed up the commercialization of hardware-dependent technology. It focuses on electronics, IoT, manufacturing, medical devices, and security industries.


Lightricity provides efficient light energy harvesting technology, enabling a sustainable and scalable IoT. Mathieu Bellanger and Matthias Kauer founded Lightricity, which operates in sectors like electronics, energy, IoT, semiconductors, sensors, smart building, and wearables.


CoinIndex is a crypto derivatives market data platform. Triangle brothers, Alexander Lozovyuk, and Yulia Sporysh operate in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, internet, IoT, and software sectors.


Twistar combines mobile, IoT, customer experience, hardware, voice, and AI to formulate its products. Founders Emi Burrows and Nick Marshall operate in spheres like android, AI, hardware, IoT, machine learning, market research, and mobile devices.

Taia Translations

Taia Translations leverage the latest translation technology to streamline content translation. The founders, Marko Hozjan and Matija Kovač works in AI, IT, internet, IoT, machine learning, SaaS, and software disciplines.

City Surfer

City Surfer is a comprehensive lifestyle app created by founder Christopher Roach. It operates in industries like advertising, apps, fashion, food and beverage, hospitality, IoT, marketing, and mobile apps.


Bookingwhale provides a user-friendly solution for online bookings and business orders management, serving in sectors like B2B, CRM, e-commerce, IT, internet, IoT, and software.

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BrandBear is a creative business naming marketplace that supplies ready-to-go brand names alongside domain names and logos. They operate in spheres like Advertising, E-Commerce, Internet, IoT, Marketplace, and Web Design.


Wevedo is an event planning app that offers suppliers a platform to connect with users in a unique way. They mainly operate in the IoT and software sectors.

Zedd Ltd

Zedd Ltd is a social networking app that operates primarily within Internet of Things, iOS, Mobile, and Social Media industries.

Ayo Telecom

Ayo Telecom is a telecommunications provider and internet service provider. They operate within Assistive Technology, Cloud Infrastructure, Internet, IoT, IT Management, Network Hardware, Network Security, Smart Building, Telecommunications, and Wired Telecommunications industries.


Intelance, created by Emmanuel Olatunji, provides connected team and data solutions. They operate within Cloud Data Services, CRM, Data Integration, Data Mining, Data Visualization, IT, IoT, and Management Consulting.

These UK-based IoT startups exemplify the power of innovation in the hands of creative entrepreneurs. It promises more than just optimized operations and efficiency. It brings about new solutions that can solve complex issues, provide meaningful insights and enhance our way of living and working. These are the businesses pushing beyond conventional boundaries, creating a brighter, more interconnected future.

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