Who Are UK’s Top Emerging Home and Garden Startups in 2023?

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The United Kingdom’s Home and Garden Startups are revolutionising the industry, introducing innovative digital solutions and unique concepts to cater to the various needs of UK homeowners. These Startups are reshaping everything from our floors to our gardens, proving especially beneficial amidst the recent surge in home remodelling and revamping generated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Here we present 15 of the most interesting Home and Garden startups in the United Kingdom, offering a glimpse into the future of the industry and some of the creative minds shaping it.


Flooring365 is a specialist retailer of great value, high-quality flooring. They offer a range of products that include engineered wood flooring, solid wood flooring, and parquet flooring. The company is based in the UK and operates within industries such as DIY, E-Commerce, Fashion, Home and Garden, Home Decor, Home Improvement, Real Estate, and Retail.

Acqua Tower Growing Systems

Acqua Tower Growing Systems is a consumer goods manufacturing company that provides automated vertical gardening equipment. The company caters to the needs of modern urban gardeners, supplying them with innovative tools that enhance the gardening experience while maximising space and yield.

Hartes Homestore

Hartes Homestore is more than just a homecare platform. It also offers a range of products in the Furniture, Home and Garden, Online Portals, and Toys industries.

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Foundland, co-founded by Arthur Mingard and Sarah Khalaf, presents a unique concept in retail. It’s designed to cater to customers looking for a more interesting way to shop for their homes, offering an ‘upmarket general store’ with an international goods aisle and a smutty top-shelf for good measure.

Original Organics

Original Organics is a UK manufacturing company specialising in the production of hot composters, self-watering planters, garden furniture, and wormeries. It focuses on products that promote a green and sustainable lifestyle.


Make.Work.Space. is another UK company that is revolutionising how we perceive the concept of offices. They manufacture micro-offices for corporate and private offices, homes, and gardens.

The Stem

The Stem, founded by James Folger, operates an online garden centre that aims to be the leading digital brand in the UK garden retail market.


Sproutl founded by Andy Done and Anni Noel-Johnson, offers a specialized marketplace for UK gardeners, bringing gardening into the modern era of e-commerce.

House Designer

House Designer, founded by Samantha Jane, is the UK’s No.1 platform for affordable interior and garden design services catering to diverse design tastes and budgets.

Home Legends

Home Legends provides multifunctional services including gardening, landscaping, dry cleaning, and janitorial services.

Veg Geek

Veg Geek is a startup by Anthony Vigneron. It incorporates a digital solution to vegetable gardening, providing a weekly newsletter filled with handpicked ideas and tips to improve the growth of vegetables.

Doorstep Gardener

Doorstep Gardener is a concept created by Ashley Pollak. The company provides garden makeovers, personalizing each project to the client’s individual style and space.

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Muddy Trowel

Muddy Trowel, founded by Stephen Folwell is revolutionizing the e-commerce gardening space, especially targeting amateur and aspiring urban gardeners.

Tradee On Demand Ltd

Tradee On Demand Ltd, co-founded by Bob Dha and Jamie Matthews, is a tech startup introducing a revolutionary peer-to-peer platform for the property maintenance market, catering specifically to the on-demand needs of the industry.


BOLDR, co-founded by Madiyar Ablyazov and Toma Paro, produces cost-effective heating and cooling products with energy-saving features. With their stylish products, users can save up to 30% on energy bills and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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