Startup Showcase: Magic Factory – Collaborative Product Development Outsourcing Services for Startups

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If you are a startup founder or a business owner, you understand the importance of having a top-quality product or service. But building a successful startup requires more than just a great idea. It requires the right team and resources to bring that idea to life. This is where Magic Factory comes in – a London-based startup that offers collaborative product development outsourcing services for startups.

Magic Factory is the startup scalers. Their world-class offshoring services across software development, UX design, data analytics, and automation help startups become the fastest movers in their sector and scale up. With their industry-first ‘product + service’ offering, startups can accelerate their product development by 2X and halve their development costs, ensuring more and frequent Product Market Fit (PMF) cycles.

Augment Your Existing Team with Quality Remote Developers

Partnering with Magic Factory allows startups to augment their existing teams by hiring quality remote developers on a no-frills monthly contract basis. Their team of developers has a wide range of skills, from back-end and front-end development to mobile app development, and they use the latest technologies to ensure your project is completed on time and to your satisfaction.

Seamless and Natural Collaboration

Collaboration is essential in any business, but it is especially critical when working with a remote team. Magic Factory has developed an ‘always-on’ life-like video collaboration tool that enables seamless and natural collaboration between the onshore and remote teams. It makes it seem like the remote team is sitting right next to the startup’s onshore team, taking the remote out of remote development.

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Accelerate Your Product Development and Halve Your Development Costs

Magic Factory’s product and service offering includes software development, UX design, data analytics, and automation services. Their services are designed to help startups complete multiple PMF iterations quickly and cost-effectively, which is the key to any startup’s success. By partnering with Magic Factory, startups can give themselves the competitive edge of a unicorn by hiring world-class offshore talent cost-effectively.


If you’re a startup founder looking for an outsourcing partner to help you scale your business, Magic Factory is the perfect choice. With their collaborative product development outsourcing services, you can accelerate your product development, halve your development costs, and ensure more frequent PMF cycles. Their team of remote developers, coupled with their life-like video collaboration tool, ensures seamless and natural collaboration between the onshore and remote teams. Give your startup the competitive edge it needs to succeed – partner with Magic Factory today.



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