Startup Showcase: Maji Industries – Building a Financially Secure Future for Everyone

The Complete Financial Wellbeing and Money Management Platform

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Money management and financial wellbeing are crucial aspects of a stable and secure life. However, not everyone possesses the same knowledge, skills and mindset around it. This is where a company like Maji Industries comes in handy. As a startup, Maji is on a mission to build financial security for everyone by offering a complete financial wellbeing and money management platform. Keep reading this showcase to know more about Maji’s service offerings and impact.

About Maji

Maji Industries is based in London, UK, and is run by a team of expert financial advisors and behavioural scientists. The company’s vision is to empower individuals and organisations to make the most of their financial resources, no matter what their personal circumstances or goals might be. With Maji, users can handle their finances with greater confidence, knowledge, and control.

Personalised Financial Wellbeing Assessment

One of the unique features of Maji is its diagnostic tool, which helps users understand their financial health status on various parameters like income, expenses, savings, insurance, investments, and debt. Through a series of questions, the tool assesses a user’s financial strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and generates a comprehensive report with actionable insights and recommendations. Based on this report, users can access personalised education, coaching, and advice to improve their financial wellbeing.

Employer and Pension Provider Solutions

Maji’s platform is not just limited to individual users but also serves to solve the challenges faced by employers and pension providers. For employers, Maji offers a powerful tool to measure, benchmark and monitor the financial wellbeing of their employees. This allows companies to offer tailored benefits and support to their employees while promoting retention, productivity and job satisfaction. On the other hand, pension providers who partner with Maji can reap the benefits of higher member engagement, informed decision making, and increased pension savings.

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Behavioural Science Driven Approach

Maji Industries leverages the latest in behavioural science research to encourage users to adopt positive financial behaviours, such as saving more, spending wisely, and investing smartly. The platform uses gamification, rewards, nudges, and other innovative techniques to get users excited about their financial futures. For instance, users can participate in virtual challenges, set goals, track progress, and earn badges as they improve their financial standing.


Maji Industries is a startup that is truly changing the game of personal finance management. Its comprehensive platform, personalised approach, and cutting-edge technology make it a powerful tool for individuals, employers, and pension providers. By joining this platform, one can take the first steps towards building a secure financial future. You can learn more about Maji Industries by visiting their website and social media handles linked below.



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