Startup Showcase: MyCustomerLens – Revolutionizing Client Listening for Professional Services Firms

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As a modern professional services firm, it’s no longer enough to rely on periodic surveys to understand your customer’s experience. Your clients expect you to listen everywhere, at all times, and make changes based on their feedback. This is where MyCustomerLens comes in. Our startup showcase introduces you to this Glasgow-based startup that is revolutionizing how organizations listen to their clients and make informed decisions.

Listen Everywhere: The Always-On Client Listening Platform

MyCustomerLens aggregates direct and public feedback from across the entire customer journey, creating a single source of truth for organizations. We use a wide variety of sources such as social media, online reviews, customer emails, and support tickets to provide an accurate representation of your customer’s experience. With MyCustomerLens, organizations can continuously monitor customer feedback and sentiment without the need for surveys.

Summarize Text Data: Automated Analysis of Unstructured Feedback

The biggest challenge for most organizations is making sense of the massive amounts of unstructured feedback. MyCustomerLens uses bespoke algorithms to analyze text data in real-time, summarizing feedback and identifying key themes. This eliminates the need for manual aggregation, analysis, and reporting, saving organizations time and money. With MyCustomerLens, you can quickly identify trends and take action to improve your customer’s experience.

Benchmark Performance: Improve Your Business by Comparing against Competitors

To make informed decisions, organizations need to have a broad understanding of their data in a wider context. MyCustomerLens benchmarks performance over time, across locations, and against competitors. This provides a complete picture of your organization’s performance and identifies areas for improvement. With our startup showcase, you can see how MyCustomerLens can help your organization grow relationships, reputations, and revenues.

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Take your client listening to the next level with MyCustomerLens. Our startup showcase introduces you to our powerful AI-powered platform that helps organizations grow relationships, reputations, and revenues. Our platform automates the ability to listen everywhere, summarize text data, and benchmark performance. With MyCustomerLens, decision-makers at growing companies can save time, reduce cost, and grow revenues. Visit our website or follow us on social media to learn more:




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