Startup Showcase: Netwrk Industries – The Future of Networking

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Connecting with people to expand your network has always been a valuable way to grow your business or personal brand. However, traditional approaches to networking can be tedious and time-consuming. That is where Netwrk Industries comes in. As a leading UK-based startup, they have designed an app that is all about networking in real-time, and the best bit? It’s as easy as a handshake.

Startup Showcase: Netwrk Industries – Redefining Networking for the Digital Age

Networking can be a tricky thing to master, but with the Netwrk app, you can easily connect with professionals from your industry or people who share your interests. This application brings together the best of both worlds, enabling you to combine digital communication with in-person events, making it easier to network efficiently and effortlessly.

What makes Netwrk unique is their focus on the physical space, as well, with their app being designed to complement real-world networking. This concept adds a touch of authenticity to the app, which goes beyond typical digital interactions.

Seamless Management and Tracking

With Netwrk, you can manage your business cards, track your connections and interact with people through the messaging app. The business card scanner enables you to save essential information from cards quickly, making it easy to add to your contacts. The app’s messenger is also a handy feature that lets you communicate with all your contacts in one place.

Their contacts manager feature is the digital rolodex you’ve always wanted. This tool acts as a digital address book, and you can use it to manage and organize your contacts. Additionally, you can see how your relationship evolves over time, ensuring you never lose touch with the people you meet.

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Networking Beyond Business

Finally, if you are interested in attending events and social gatherings in your area, the Netwrk app can help. With their event finder tool, you can find events and activities around you that you can join to network with new contacts. Every networking opportunity is an opportunity to learn and grow, and with this app, you can easily expand your horizons.


Netwrk Industries is an innovative company that is changing the way we approach networking. It is not only a fantastic tool for business professionals but is also a great platform for individuals looking to meet new people who share similar interests. With various features like the business card scanner, contacts manager, and event finder, Netwrk is an essential app for the modern networker. So why not give it a go and start “handshaking” electronically today?





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