Startup Showcase: Oru Space Industries – A Conceptual Workspace Bringing Lifestyle to Suburbia

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Introducing Oru Space Industries and its Innovative Workspace Solution

Oru Space is an innovative lifestyle workspace concept, designed to cater to those professionals and creatives living in the suburbs who find it difficult to commute to work. Founded by Paul Hepworth Nelmes and Vibushan Thirukumar, Oru Space is a people-focused model that epitomizes innovation and dynamism. The company’s primary aim is to regenerate and operate high street buildings while allowing people to work closer to their homes.

The Wellness and Cultural Event Focus of Oru Space Industries

Oru Space’s philosophy is based on the notion of holistic wellbeing. The company’s emphasis is on workspace, diet, wellness, and cultural events, making it an all-encompassing space for professionals and creatives to thrive. The workspace is designed to be positively energizing, with an unparalleled passion for the environment, sustainability, and social outreach. By emphasizing wellness, Oru Space enables professionals to take care of their mental and physical health while working in a vibrant and stimulating environment.

Regenerating High Street Buildings for a Sustainable Future

One of the unique features of Oru Space is its focus on sustainable development. By regenerating high street buildings, the company is not only providing a workspace solution but also helping to revitalize the economy of the area by supporting local businesses. In addition, Oru Space’s commitment to social outreach and environmental responsibility ensures that it is not just another workspace, but an enterprise that contributes to the sustainable development of the community it serves.

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Oru Space Industries is a trailblazing concept that offers a refreshing approach to workspace solutions. Its people-focused model, commitment to holistic wellbeing, and regeneration of high street buildings make it an exciting and dynamic enterprise that is poised to make a significant impact in the workspace sector. As Oru Space continues to expand its footprint, it is clear that it is not just another workspace but a lifestyle brand that is here to stay.


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