Startup Showcase: PolyDigi Tech – Biometric Identification and Authentication Platform Making Digital Transactions Easier and Safer

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In today’s digital age, it is no surprise that we rely heavily on technology for transactions. However, with ease and convenience comes the risk of security breaches and fraud. That’s where PolyDigi Tech comes in. With their biometric identification and authentication platform, they are here to make digital transactions easier and safer for businesses and individuals alike.


PolyDigi Tech is a startup based in Edinburgh, UK that offers biometric authentication and identification services to businesses looking to secure their digital transactions. Their platform is designed to provide a seamless and secure way of verifying user identities, preventing fraud, and enhancing the user experience.

Awards and Accolades

PolyDigi Tech has been recognized for its innovative technology and has won several awards since its inception. In 2018, it won the Gold Prize at the UK FinTech Awards held by the Department for International Trade. This marked the beginning of an exciting journey, as it opened doors for the startup to explore the UK market.

In 2020, PolyDigi Tech was named one of the Top Five Most Important Players in Scottish FinTech by The Scotsman Newspaper, and ranked 12th place in BusinessCloud’s Scotland Tech 50 rankings of 2020. These accolades are testament to the quality of their technology and the impact they have made in the FinTech industry.


PolyDigi Tech offers a state-of-the-art biometric authentication and identification platform that uses facial recognition and finger vein scanning technology. Their unique technology captures high-resolution images of the user’s face and finger veins, which are then analyzed by their algorithms to verify their identity.

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Their platform offers several benefits, including;

– Enhanced Security: The biometric data collected by PolyDigi Tech is unique to each user, making it difficult for fraudsters to replicate. This improves security significantly compared to traditional methods like passwords and PINs.

– Improved User Experience: The platform provides a seamless user authentication experience that eliminates the need for users to remember multiple passwords or carry physical identity documents.

– Cost-Effective: The platform reduces the cost of managing identity verification for businesses, as they can automate their identity verification processes and reduce the need for manual intervention.

Partnerships and Expansion

PolyDigi Tech has established a partnership with Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) Accelerator Program, one of the most prominent financial institutions in the UK. This partnership provides them with an opportunity to collaborate with RBS and access their vast network of customers and partners.

In addition, PolyDigi Tech is looking for further investment and enthusiastic business partners to help them expand and implement their state-of-the-art technology. They are committed to enhancing their platform further and providing more features that will make transactions even more secure and user-friendly.


PolyDigi Tech is an innovative startup that offers biometric authentication and identification services that improve security, user experience, and efficiency. Their platform provides a seamless and secure way of verifying user identities, preventing fraud, and enhancing the user experience. With partnerships established and accolades received, PolyDigi Tech is on track to become a significant player in the FinTech industry.


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