Startup Showcase: Shower Up – Bringing Comfortable Showers to Every Home

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As water bills keep on rising and water scarcity becomes a more pressing global issue, having a decent shower is becoming a luxury that not everyone can afford. A recent survey by the UK Environment Agency found that 55% of UK homes had a water pressure below the recommended level, with 40% experiencing low water pressure that lasted for more than an hour every day. Startups like Shower Up are here to change that.

Introducing Shower Up – The Non-Invasive Alternative to Low Water Pressure

Shower Up is a UK personal comfort startup that has set out to develop a solution for low water pressure in households across the country. The company’s core project team consists of CEO Dean Mokhtar, an experienced entrepreneur, and Hrishikesh Mohan, a mechanical design engineer. Together, they have engineered a device that can instantly provide an adjustable shower pressure of up to 15 litres per minute in all conditions.

The Shower Up device is non-invasive and subtle, making installation and use easy for any household. Even static water sources like buckets can be used, which means households in areas where water scarcity is prevalent can still benefit from this innovative device. The device is a combination of pumps with a series of hardware and software fail-safes and runs on powerful rechargeable battery technology, eliminating the need for any electrical wiring in the bathroom.

Improved Efficiency, Reduced Bills and Enhanced Wellness

Low water pressure affects households across the socioeconomic spectrum, but lower-income households are disproportionately impacted by this issue. Households with older buildings are more likely to face low water pressure, which wastes time and money, and can negatively impact their physical and mental well-being. The Shower Up device will enable households to have more efficient showers, reduce water and heating bills, and improve their physical and mental health, regardless of their location or property type.

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Shower Up is taking giant strides towards making comfortable showers available to everyone in the UK. Non-invasive, easy to install, and providing a comfortable shower experience for any household, Shower Up is an innovative solution that could create a huge impact for many households across the country.

Check out Shower Up’s website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles to learn more about this innovative personal comfort startup.





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