Startup Showcase: Pure Medical Group – Making Healthcare Accessible & Innovative

Introducing the UK's first private medical facility providing science-backed treatments & therapies for pain management, general health and wellbeing.

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As part of our startup showcase, we are delighted to introduce Pure Medical Group, a pioneering private medical facility based in Milton Keynes, UK. The company is committed to making high-quality healthcare services accessible to everyone by providing innovative, science-backed treatments and therapies.

Innovative Healthcare Services for Everyone

Pure Medical Group’s mission is to provide people with access to the latest and most effective treatments and therapies available in the world today. The private medical group has a team of experienced entrepreneurs, doctors, and consultants who provide pain management, general health, and wellbeing services, as well as innovative treatments and therapies for people with debilitating diseases and conditions.

With a focus on using the latest technology, research and clinical studies, Pure Medical Group’s team provides customised treatments and therapies that are tailored to the specific conditions and needs of patients. By using a patient-centred approach, Pure Medical Group ensures that its clients receive the best possible care and support.

Expanding Healthcare Reach with NHS Negotiations

Pure Medical Group has already achieved significant traction in the UK healthcare market through advanced negotiations with two NHS foundation trusts. This development is forecasting the equivalent of over £3m of purchase intention. Through these relationships with NHS trusts and other healthcare providers, Pure Medical Group aims to expand its reach and make its innovative, science-backed treatments and therapies available to more people across the country.

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Looking to Raise £2.5m Investment to Expand its Reach

To meet its ambitious goals and expand its reach further, Pure Medical Group is looking to raise £2.5m in start-up investment. This investment would cover the capital requirements for the principal clinic, and would allow Pure Medical Group to take its innovative healthcare services to a wider range of patients across the UK.

Get Involved in Pioneering Healthcare

While this investment opportunity requires personal financial risk, Pure Medical Group is offering an exciting prospect for investors to get involved in pioneering healthcare services. This opportunity is not for the faint-hearted and is designed for those who are keen to explore the prospect of investing in innovative healthcare projects.


The Pure Medical Group vision is to provide the most innovative and effective healthcare services to everyone in the UK. If you share this vision, then please make contact with Pure Medical Group today to explore this investment opportunity, or other innovative healthcare projects.


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