The Transportation Revolution: 15 UK Startups to Watch in 2023

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Transportation has always been an essential part of human life. With the advancement of technology, new startups are emerging that aim to revolutionize the way we travel, commute, and move goods from one place to another. Here are 15 interesting transportation startups in England that are transforming the industry.

Transcount: Freight forwarding digitization software

Transcount provides logistics companies with digitization software to transform their businesses into digital freight forwarding service providers. Their software includes CRM, document management, ERP, and supply chain management tools.

Window Seater: Connecting travellers with the world

Window Seater is a mobile app that connects travellers to the world outside their windows with lovingly curated stories delivered with seamless tech. They collaborate with public transportation providers to enhance the travel experience.

Migacore Technologies: Predictive demand forecasting for airlines

Migacore Technologies is an early-stage data science startup that brings predictive demand forecasting for airlines. Their machine learning algorithms use natural language processing and predictive analytics to provide airlines with accurate demand forecasts.

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Piing: The ethical cab app

Piing is an ethical cab app that aims to be fair to drivers and riders while prioritizing safety. They provide a reliable and trustworthy platform for people to commute around the city.

Litta iOs app: Revolutionizing waste management

Litta iOs app is a waste management startup that offers a 94% recycle rate. Their mobile app makes it easy for people to book waste collection services and contribute to the environment.

Jet Compare: Private jet charter broker

Jet Compare is a private jet charter broker based in central London. They offer customized private jet services for business and leisure travelers.

Pegasus Chauffeur: Chauffeuring service

Pegasus Chauffeur is a London-based chauffeuring service that offers advanced features like online booking and payments. They provide a reliable and luxurious chauffeuring experience.

GoodVision: Advanced traffic analytics platform

GoodVision provides an advanced traffic analytics platform using artificial intelligence. They offer real-time data visualization and analytics for smart cities to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion.

Kiffgo: Instant van driver connection

Kiffgo is a logistics startup that connects people and businesses to available van drivers instantly. Their mobile app provides a faster and more efficient way of booking delivery services.

Signol: Fuel efficiency software

Signol develops software that focuses on fuel efficiency by analyzing operational data. Their software uses big data and SaaS technology to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

FlowX: Transport data from city CCTV network

FlowX integrates with city authorities’ existing CCTV network to provide better transport data. Their technology uses computer vision and service industry expertise to improve rail transport efficiency.

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Turbo AI™: AI technology PHV platform

Turbo AI™ is an AI technology platform that provides a personalized PHV (Private Hire Vehicle) experience. Their app uses artificial intelligence and information technology to provide efficient and convenient transportation services.

Startup Wharf Ltd: Global maritime startup ecosystem

Startup Wharf Ltd is an independent virtual global maritime startup ecosystem. They provide a platform for marine technology, marine transportation, and shipping startups to connect and grow their businesses.

XeroE: Emission-free, final-mile delivery provider

XeroE is the UK’s leading emission-free, final-mile delivery provider. Their logistics service provides efficient and environmentally friendly delivery solutions for e-commerce and other businesses.

Zilch: E-commerce delivery platform

Zilch is an e-commerce delivery platform that provides fast and reliable delivery services for businesses. Their platform uses advanced logistics technology to provide a seamless delivery experience.


Transportation startups in England are changing the way we move goods and people. These startups are using innovative technology to create efficient and sustainable transportation solutions. From digitizing freight forwarding to providing personalized PHV services, these startups are transforming the transportation industry in the United Kingdom. Whether it’s improving traffic flow in smart cities or offering emission-free delivery services, these startups are creating a better future for transportation. With their innovative solutions, they are making transportation more convenient, efficient, and environmentally friendly. As these startups continue to grow and expand, they have the potential to change the way we travel and commute for the better.

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