Startup Showcase: Renalytix AI – Revolutionizing Kidney Health with AI

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Renalytix AI is a UK-based startup that has set its sights on revolutionizing kidney health using artificial intelligence (AI). This Renalytix AI Startup Showcase will give you an inside look at what the company is all about and how their solutions are changing lives.

What Is Renalytix AI?

Renalytix AI is a medical technology company that specializes in AI-enabled clinical diagnostic solutions for kidney health. The company is headquartered in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, and is committed to improving kidney disease risk assessment, clinical care, and patient stratification for drug clinical trials.

Renalytix AI’s mission is to tackle one of the most common and costly chronic medical conditions globally, namely kidney disease. Their solutions take a data-driven approach to develop tools that enhance predictive capability and clinical utility while improving patient outcomes.

Renalytix AI’s Solutions

Renalytix AI’s technology platform leverages distinct sources of patient data, including large electronic health records, predictive blood-based biomarkers, and other genomic information. Their AI algorithms analyze this data to derive insights that can guide clinical decision-making.

The company’s kidney health solutions include:

  • KidneyIntelX: a predictive biomarker test used to assess the risk of progressive kidney function decline in patients with diabetes and non-diabetic kidney disease. KidneyIntelX combines blood and clinical data with an AI algorithm to generate a patient risk score. This information helps healthcare providers to identify patients who would benefit from early interventions.
  • HNSTM: a digital platform that helps physicians to make more informed decisions about transplant rejection by using AI to analyze kidney transplant biopsy samples. HNS stands for ‘Host Triage System,’ which helps to stratify patients into Low, Medium, or High risk of graft failure. Clinicians can then tailor treatment and monitoring protocols accordingly.
  • KidneyCare: A technology-enabled care management platform designed for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients. KidneyCare (formerly called ‘AKI) is powered by RenalytixAI’s proprietary AI analytics, and enables healthcare providers to monitor CKD patients and provide proactive, data-driven interventions to prevent disease progression.
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How Renalytix AI Uses AI

Renalytix AI uses machine learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing to develop their AI-enabled solutions. The company’s technology platform can process vast amounts of patient data, detecting patterns and relationships that may be difficult to spot manually.

Once identified, these insights can help healthcare providers to make more informed clinical decisions, reduce the risk of adverse outcomes, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.


Renalytix AI is a standout startup in the UK’s Medtech industry. Their innovative solutions are paving the way for a more data-driven approach to kidney health. Renalytix AI makes use of the power of AI to analyze vast amounts of patient data, reducing the risk of adverse outcomes, and improving patient outcomes.


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