Who Are Dominating England’s Data Integration Industry in 2023?

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Data integration has become crucial in modern businesses, offering advantages such as real-time data accessibility, a unified view of business performance, and more informed decision-making. Data integration involves combining data from different sources, providing users with a real-time and holistic view of business operations. In England, a number of startups are finding innovative ways to handle data integration tasks, ensuring that businesses can make better decisions using their data. Here’s a look at 15 such startups.

All of these tech startups have developed unique ways to solve the challenges of data integration. They span across various industries including marketing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), analytics, and more. While each has its area of focus, they all share the common goal of transforming raw data into actionable intelligence.

These startups are changing the landscape of data integration, and for businesses in England and beyond, they represent opportunities to take control of their data in a meaningful way. They are creating value, offering solutions, and driving forward the technology that is shaping the world of business data.


A company that prides itself in turning data into value, ZEE9 helps businesses make smarter decisions by providing them with the right information. Their expertise include analytics, artificial intelligence, biometrics, data integration, machine learning, and predictive analytics. ZEE9 is the brainchild of Alessandro Trinca Arnould. Learn more about ZEE9 here.

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A fervent believer in the power of connected team and data, Intelance is a company providing limitless possibilities in the realms of Cloud Data Services, CRM, Data Integration, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Information Technology, Internet of Things and Management Consulting. Founded by Emmanuel Olatunji, Intelance can be discovered further here.

Subtree Inc.

Subtree is redefining data management in a cloud native environment. With its product “Dotmesh,” it aims to extend the capabilities of developer platforms. The startup was conceptualized by Luke Marsden. More details about their offerings can be found here.


Accelex is a solutions provider offering data acquisition, analytics, and reporting for alternative investors and asset servicers. Founded by Franck Vialaron and Nicole Weder, find out more about Accelex here.


In the absence of a corporate website, MP remains somewhat enigmatic. What we do know is that MP is an enterprise steeped in data-driven marketing founded by GY MR.


Datavid stellar contribution to businesses lies in helping them make the most of their data. This startup is heavily involved in the areas of analytics, artificial intelligence, consulting, data integration, data mining, information technology, knowledge management, semantic search, software, and web development. Datavid was founded by Balvinder Dang and their work can be explored in depth here.

Arca Blanca

An integrated consulting and data company, Arca Blanca is focused on delivering innovative solutions in consulting, customer service, data integration, and data storage. You can find more about them here.

Guidoo Services

They offer professional services, consultation, customization, training and app development. Their industry focus includes apps, data integration, professional services, and training. For more information, visit their website here.

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Offering technological solutions for B2B leads generation and cloud data synchronization, Miraget’s products fulfill a host of data integration, information technology, and business needs. You can find out more about them here.

Real Metric Analytics

Real Metric Analytics takes pride in providing football data analytics services to scouting and performance departments of Football Clubs. For more information on their offerings, click here.


Crafting carefully designed software empowered by data engineering, machine-learning and system integration, Xerini proposes a new vision of data integration. It was founded by Jonathan Williams; more about Xerini can be found out here.

Data Centre World

Delivering supportive data center event services, Data Centre World operates in the cloud management, cyber security, data integration, event management, and events industry. For more information on their services, visit their website here.

Kendra Labs

A data platform company with a global mission of sustainability, their focus includes AI, Data Integration, Information technology, Machine Learning, and Software. Kendra Labs was founded by Alpesh Doshi and more can be learnt about them here.


Starting with predictive analytics, Gleensite has spread its wings into areas such as AI, big data, data integration, data visualization, location-based services, machine learning, mapping services, predictive analytics, and software. Founded by Alex Garcia and Daniel Kagane, Gleensite can be discovered further here.

Actable AI

Actable AI is making a big splash by providing powerful Causal AI and Machine Learning capabilities – all without requiring any coding. Founded by Armen Poghosyan and Trung Huynh, check out Actable AI here.

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