Who Are the Top Game-Changing UK Language Learning Startups in 2023?

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United Kingdom’s startup scene is bursting with vibrant, innovative companies in various sectors. One that particularly stands out is the language learning industry, where numerous startups are using cutting-edge tech to transform how we master new languages. These startups are carving out a niche, leveraging AI, EdTech, digital platforms, and unique learning methodologies to offer language solutions that are both effective and engaging. Take a look at the fifteen language learning startups below that are making waves in the UK.

These companies are not only revolutionizing language learning but are merging this with other sectors such as AI, Fintech, Legal Tech, Health Care, and more to deliver comprehensive solutions. From professional translation services to sign language learning platforms for the deaf, each one of these startups is unique in its offerings and methodologies.

Shattering traditional norms of language learning, startups like these are opening up a world of possibilities and accessibility. As we delve into their individual stories, we bear witness to the power of innovation and the bright future of language learning technology in the UK.

Ligabis Ltd

Founded by Rees Johnson, Ligabis Ltd is at the intersection of various technology domains including lawtech, AI, blockchain, and language learning. Their innovative solutions are catering to a wide array of industries such as Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Information Technology, Legal, and Natural Language Processing.

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Global Language Solution LTD

Global Language Solution, created by VITALIY TISHIN, is a professional language translation services company. They provide Document Translation Services for a range of industries including Education, Information Technology, and Language Learning.

Kaizen Languages

With founders Patrick Allen and Stuart Barrass at the helm, Kaizen Languages is transforming the language learning landscape with its A.I. tutors. Their offerings straddle the spheres of EdTech, Language Learning, and Natural Language Processing.

Suited Tutor

Fashioned by Dimitris Proko, Suited Tutor is an Elite Educational Services Provider, that offers solutions across the spectrum of learning including E-learning, Higher education, Language Learning, Music education.


A brainchild of Juan Linares, Volangua is a Language Learning Marketplace, that is making strides in the EdTech, Education, Language Learning, Marketplace, and Travel industries.

Capri Healthcare Ltd

Driven by founders Krishna Thakur and Valleesh Athreya, Capri Healthcare Ltd is turning NHS Digital first strategy into reality by bringing digital innovation AI/ML to the healthcare and language learning industries among others.


EnglishScore, the creation of founders Dan Cobley and Michael Curry, is a global test of English Employment with the world’s only mobile-proctored English test, firmly placing its footprint in the Language Learning Industry.

Signalise Co-op

Signalise Co-op is a digital platform that provides sign language learning facilities for deaf people, contributing significantly to the domains of Digital Signage, Language Learning, and Local services.

Pingu’s English

Geared towards children, Pingu’s English is an education center that provides language courses along with franchise opportunities, serving the likes of Education, Franchise, and Language Learning industries.

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The Queen’s English

The Queen’s English is an online english teaching company that is contributing substantially to the E-Learning, Education, Language Learning, and Training sectors.


Duolearn, a language exchange platform, enables users to learn and practice languages online through conversations with native speakers, offering a significant boost to the E-Learning, Language Learning, and Online Portals industries.


Tech Startup Foireann, initiated by Murilo Silvestre, is making waves in Language Learning, Natural Language Processing, NLP, ML & LM, with its innovative tools and technology.


WriteSeen is a free multi-language platform for all writers to upload content and be seen by industry professionals worldwide. This unique platform is set to revolutionise Internet, Language Learning, and Publishing sectors.

The TEFL Lab

Founded by Jacqueline Sedore, Joseph Williams, Rachel Laycook, The TEFL Lab is giving English teachers the content and confidence they need to be successful in the online classroom – a much-needed boost for the Language Learning industry.

Carna AI

Carna AI is an AI-based English Tutor that is pioneering in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, E-Learning, EdTech, and Language Learning with its advanced and effective language learning tools.

In conclusion, these startups embody the spirit of innovation and creativity that runs deeply within the UK. Through their varied approaches to language learning, each one is uniquely contributing to making language learning more accessible, user-friendly, and effective for people all around the globe. Stay tuned to see how these startups continue to evolve and influence the landscape of language learning in the future.

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