Startup Showcase: SATIS.AI – Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry with Autonomous Kitchens

Reducing Mistakes and Improving Decision Making with Innovative Full Stack Operating System

1 min read is a startup that’s on a mission to make food that makes sense: delicious, nutritious, and affordable, all while being green and fair. With its headquarters in London, UK, aims to bring real technological innovation to the restaurant industry, which has already made significant strides in optimizing most of its processes. In this startup showcase, we’ll take a closer look at how is revolutionizing the restaurant industry with its autonomous kitchens.

Addressing the Refunded Orders Market

The restaurant industry is facing unprecedented disruption with the rise of food delivery services. In the EU and the USA, the market for refunded orders is estimated to be around $3.4Bn.’s initial focus is to address this market gap with its innovative full stack operating system for autonomous restaurant kitchens. By using AI and machine learning, aims to improve decision making and reduce mistakes in the kitchen, leading to fewer refunds and happier customers.

Proven Technology with Pilots has already proven its base technology and has one running pilot. However, the startup has also agreed pilots with two large global food chains and has a queue with several smaller ones. By partnering with leading companies in the industry, is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the restaurant industry.

Member of Leading Accelerator Programs is a member of Nvidia’s inception program and has also participated in Techstars Farm to Fork accelerator. Techstars’ Farm to Fork accelerator is run in partnership with Ecolabs and Cargill, two of the world’s biggest private companies in the industry. Through these accelerator programs, has gained access to resources, mentorship, and investment that will help support its growth and continued innovation.

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With its innovative full stack operating system for autonomous restaurant kitchens, is revolutionizing the restaurant industry. By addressing the refunded orders market, partnering with leading industry players, and developing cutting-edge technology, is on a mission to make food that makes sense. For more information, visit the website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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