Startup Showcase: FYLD – Powering Productivity and Safety in the Field

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As a society, we’re increasingly dependent on field force operations. From utilities to construction, transportation and delivery services, we rely on these teams to keep our infrastructure running. But managing field forces can be challenging – remote sites, limited connectivity and a high degree of unpredictability make it difficult to stay on top of operations in real time.

That’s where FYLD comes in. As a London-based startup, FYLD’s mission is to bring real-time, remote site visibility to field operations, providing rich data (video, voice and text) that enables informed decision-making. By leveraging fieldwork data, FYLD creates a shared view of operations, allowing teams to work together more effectively and efficiently.

FYLD’s solution goes beyond mere data collection, with sophisticated analytics tools that help managers to quickly identify trends and opportunities, prioritise workloads, and make data-driven decisions that boost ROI. Better still, FYLD strips away the administrative burden, allowing fieldworkers to focus on the task at hand.

Real-Time Remote Site Visibility

FYLD’s core value proposition is remote site visibility. By using mobile devices to collect video, voice and text data from the field, FYLD enables managers to view operations in real time, wherever they are. This visibility can help managers to identify patterns, respond to changing situations and make data-driven decisions that improve productivity and safety.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The data collected by FYLD isn’t just a bunch of raw figures. Instead, FYLD uses sophisticated analytics to turn that data into actionable insights. Managers can view and analyse the data in real time, giving them a clear understanding of how field operations are performing. This data-driven approach helps managers to identify areas for improvement, increase productivity and reduce costs.

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Operational Process Redesign

As the size and quality of the data sets grow, FYLD customers can deploy data-led process redesign to make even greater gains. FYLD’s solution helps to break down operational silos, improving communication between different teams and making it easier to identify cross-functional opportunities. By doing so, customers can achieve even higher ROIs.

A Turnkey Solution

FYLD’s end-to-end solution is designed to be as easy to use as possible, significantly reducing the administrative burden for field workers and managers. The solution can be customised to your organisation’s specific needs and can be deployed quickly, with ROI often achieved in as little as two weeks.


FYLD’s innovative solution is a game-changer for field force operations. By providing real-time remote site visibility, sophisticated analytics and a streamlined, turnkey approach, FYLD is helping organisations to improve productivity, safety and ROI. With such a compelling value proposition, it’s no wonder that FYLD is already making waves in the industry.


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