Startup Showcase: Snappy Shopper – The Convenient Way to Shop

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Snappy Shopper has revolutionized the online grocery shopping pattern by delivering food, drink and household goods from local convenience stores directly to customer’s door from as little as 30 minutes. In this Startup Showcase, we take a closer look at this innovative new service that is rapidly becoming a household name across the UK.

The Company

Snappy Shopper was founded back in 2017 by Mike Callachan and Mahmood Ali. The founders recognized the need for a more flexible and convenient way to shop and created a platform to connect local retailers with customers looking for fast, contact-free delivery of everyday essentials.

The Growth

Within a short span of time, Snappy Shopper has grown rapidly with over 105,000 users across the UK. The company’s success can be attributed to its innovative approach to online grocery shopping that allows customers to order from local convenience stores within their area. Snappy Shopper works with leading brands such as SPAR, Nisa, Co-Op, Premier, and hundreds of independently owned stores, providing an additional sales platform to the sector.

The Service

Snappy Shopper offers same-day delivery for all orders, with delivery times as little as 30 minutes from order. The platform is very user-friendly, with a simple process for customers to select their items from the online store, checkout and await delivery. Once the order has been placed, Snappy Shopper communicates real-time tracking information for the order, ensuring a swift, reliable and transparent delivery experience.

The Benefits

Snappy Shopper enables customers to shop locally, supporting their local convenience stores, whilst still enjoying the convenience of online shopping. With the ever-changing landscape of grocery shopping, Snappy Shopper meets the demands of today’s hectic lifestyles. Customers using the platform can make substantial savings on their weekly grocery bill compared with traditional supermarkets without compromising on quality or range of products.

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Snappy Shopper has become an instrumental player in the online grocery shopping space, providing a unique and valuable service to customers, retailers and brands alike. It is no wonder that the company is fast becoming a household name with its convenient and reliable service. It’s no surprise that the company is now expanding to new locations around the UK, and we are excited to see its continued growth.





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