Startup Showcase: Syntonym – The Ultimate Privacy Enabler for Autonomous Mobility

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As the world becomes increasingly digital, the debate surrounding privacy and personal data safeguarding has amplified. Syntonym, a UK-based startup, is making waves with their solution to the privacy conundrum by generating hyper-realistic synthetic faces in real-time, with minimum computation and the fastest results to maximize privacy protection. This Startup Showcase delves deeper into Syntonym, examining their innovative technology and the role they’re playing in shaping the future of data collection.

The Dilemma Between Privacy and Utility

Privacy and utility are often two opposing forces in the world of data collection. While utility refers to the benefits of collecting and using data, privacy concerns revolve around the protection of peoples’ personal information. Syntonym resolves this dilemma by enabling real-time, lossless camera data anonymization in a GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulation-compliant manner. Syntonym is the privacy enabler for autonomous mobility, preventing facial metrics loss, head pose, facial expressions, and eye movements in assessing the awareness of drivers, passengers, and people on the road. All while addressing privacy concerns towards video surveillance.

Syntonym’s Technology

One of the unique features that sets Syntonym apart is its hyper-realistic synthetic face generation on end-user devices. This feature enables Syntonym to ensure that data is secured, and user privacy is protected, all while processing data in real-time. With its reduced computation requirements, Syntonym unlocks privacy-protected digital engagement potential for end-users across multiple platforms. Furthermore, Syntonym’s technology includes the democratization of data collection through circular and compliant data sharing practices. In other words, Syntonym’s innovation makes it easy for companies to collect data in a way that respects users’ privacy.

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The Future is Bright for Syntonym

Syntonym is committed to developing sustainable and reliable AI solutions, and they’re set to become the industry standard in the democratization of data collection. The company’s disruptive technology is attracting investors from across the globe, and their potential to influence the future of data collection is undeniable. Syntonym’s ultimate goal is to democratize data collection by providing privacy-preserving synthetic face generation as an accessible feature for all.


In a world where data is king, Syntonym is leading the way in protecting users’ personal information while providing companies with the tools they need to continue collecting data. With its innovative technology and commitment to sustainability and privacy, Syntonym is a UK-based startup that’s worth watching.




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