Startup Showcase: Taka Apps – Revolutionizing the Future of Movement Disorders

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A Pioneer in Digital Therapeutics for Movement Disorders

Taka Apps is a UK-based startup that is committed to revolutionizing the way movement disorders are treated. The company is dedicated to creating personalized, digital therapeutic interventions that can make a real difference in the lives of millions of people who suffer from conditions like stroke and age-related deterioration.

The company was founded by a team of experts in accessible technology, neuroscience, and behavioral science who were inspired by the transformative power of technology. Taka Apps uses cutting-edge technology that acts like a neural-level workout for the brain circuits that control movement. By developing personalized, game-like interventions, Taka Apps aims to improve the independence, symptoms, and health of those who suffer from movement disorders.

Creating Engaging and Efficacious Digital Therapeutics

At Taka Apps, the focus is on creating engaging and efficacious digital therapeutics that can help individuals overcome movement disorders. Digital therapeutics use software programs to treat medical conditions, and they are fast becoming the preferred choice for people worldwide. The world is more connected than ever before, and with improved accessibility, digital therapies can now reach even more people.

Taka Apps is combining digital therapeutics with the world of gaming to create therapies that are tailored to the needs of individuals. This approach has been shown to be more effective than traditional therapies by providing a personalized therapeutic experience that is engaging and enjoyable. By using digital gaming, Taka Apps provides a more dynamic, interactive experience that is capable of delivering rapid and long-lasting improvements.

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A Vision for the Future

Taka Apps is not only committed to helping people overcome movement disorders but revolutionizing the future of healthcare. By shifting the focus from traditional therapies to digital therapeutics, the company aims to impact healthcare globally. Taka Apps’ approach is likely to be the future of healthcare, with digital therapeutics set to change the way we approach treatment.

As a startup, Taka Apps has already gained significant recognition in the digital therapeutics space, and the company’s vision is only becoming clearer. With their mission to create personalized, game-like, digital therapeutic interventions, Taka Apps is transforming the way we think about treating movement disorders.


At Taka Apps, the focus is on delivering game-changing solutions to individuals who suffer from movement disorders. The company’s innovative approach, combining digital therapeutics with the world of gaming, is quickly gaining traction in the healthcare space. Taka Apps is primed to revolutionize the way we think about treating movement disorders, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.


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