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When it comes to quality food production, Creative Foods Europe is taking the industry by storm. As part of the OSI Group, this UK-based company has made a name for itself through its exceptional products, customer service, and innovation. Let’s delve into how they’re revolutionizing the food industry.

Introduction: The Rise of Creative Foods Europe

Creative Foods Europe has been in operation since 1991, previously known as Atlantic Foods and Flagship Europe. In that time, the company has built an impeccable reputation for supplying high-quality, branded, and bespoke food products across Europe. The company’s dedication to innovation and addressing specific market demands has led to impressive growth, including a series of strategic acquisitions.

Product Range: Branded and Bespoke Excellence

One of the factors that sets Creative Foods Europe apart is the vast range of products they offer. From mayonnaise, sauces, and dressings to sous-vide products and award-winning pastry products, the company has carved a niche in the market for producing consistently excellent food. Branded products, such as their King’s Deli and Flagship brands, offer customers a true taste of quality they can rely on, while bespoke products cater to specific clients’ demands.

Commitment to Innovation: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Another defining characteristic of Creative Foods Europe is their commitment to innovation. They recognize that food trends are changing daily, and that it’s important to stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive in the industry. The company’s acquisition of Calder Foods, a specialist Food To Go manufacturer, is a prime example of this. The addition of Calder Foods’ sandwich fillings, marinated meats, sauces, mayonnaise, and dips to Creative Foods Europe’s portfolio ensures that the company remains at the forefront of the Food To Go sector.

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Environmental Consciousness: From Farm to Table

Now more than ever, customers are conscious of the impact that their food choices have on the environment. Creative Foods Europe has taken steps to ensure that their food production is as environmentally friendly as possible. From sourcing high-quality, sustainable ingredients to minimizing waste throughout their production processes, the company prioritizes sustainability. They have also made strides in reducing their carbon footprint by partnering with suppliers to minimize transportation emissions.

Conclusion: The Future of Food Production

Creative Foods Europe’s ascent to the top of the food production industry showcases how a company can combine quality, innovation, and environmental consciousness to create lasting impact. By prioritizing their customers’ needs and staying ahead of changing trends, they have carved a niche for themselves in the market. With their continued commitment to excellence, it’s clear that Creative Foods Europe is set to shape the future of food production.


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