Startup Showcase: Terra Praxis- Leading the Way in Climate Solutions

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As the effects of climate change continue to impact our planet, it’s more important than ever to find new and innovative ways to counteract its devastating effects. Terra Praxis, a non-profit organization based in London, is leading the way in this area, developing and incubating scalable solutions for a livable planet.

What is Terra Praxis?

Terra Praxis is a non-profit climate solution accelerator that focuses on the decarbonization challenge, with specific attention given to coal, industrial heat, and heavy transport, with a key office in London, where the co-founder is based. The organization aims to develop sustainable, equitable solutions for neglected areas of the decarbonization challenge, leveraging philanthropic donations to ensure that these solutions are affordable, reliable, and emission-free.

Who are the Founders of Terra Praxis?

Kirsty Gogan and Eric Ingersoll are the two individuals who founded Terra Praxis in 2020. Both Kirsty and Eric have extensive experience in the energy and climate sectors, having worked for years in a variety of different roles across the industry.

What are the Goals of Terra Praxis?

The primary goal of Terra Praxis is to provide global access to affordable, reliable, emission-free energy that increases human prosperity and avoids catastrophic risks to people and the planet. To achieve this aim, the organization focuses on developing and incubating scalable solutions that can be deployed in the areas of the decarbonization challenge that have been neglected by other players in the industry.

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How Does Terra Praxis Work?

Terra Praxis uses a variety of techniques to achieve its goals, including:

  • Research and development: Terra Praxis invests in research and development projects that focus on finding and developing new technologies and solutions for the decarbonization challenge.
  • Incubation: The organization also incubates early-stage ventures with high-potential solutions, providing these startups with the support and resources they need to grow and develop.
  • Partnership: Terra Praxis collaborates with a wide range of organizations and stakeholders across the energy and climate sectors, working together to develop and scale innovative solutions.


With the effects of climate change becoming ever more apparent, organizations like Terra Praxis are essential in the fight against its most devastating impacts. Through their innovative approaches to the decarbonization challenge, Terra Praxis is helping to create a more sustainable and equitable future for all. If you’d like to learn more about Terra Praxis and the work they’re doing, be sure to visit their website and follow them on social media.




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