Startup Showcase: The List formerly – Reimagining the way we access at-home services

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Looking for affordable services and reliable freelancers in your local area? The List, formerly, offers a revolutionary community marketplace that simplifies the search and booking of local services while also creating new opportunities for unemployed or self-employed workers through the implementation of advanced work management software and payment solutions.

Reimagining the Marketplace

The List is on a mission to reimagine the existing marketplace for local services, transforming it into an easy-to-use, affordable platform where clients and freelancers can connect and flourish, without any hassle or complications.

The startup’s focus is on providing users with a great experience from start to finish. Everything from the booking of local services to payment and communication is streamlined within the platform, making it easy for clients to connect with freelancers who can provide exactly what they’re looking for, when they’re looking for it.

Empowering Freelancers

At the core of The List’s mission is the goal of empowering freelancers and self-employed workers. The platform offers advanced technology solutions that help freelancers start, manage and grow their business, without the need for extensive administrative overheads.

The List also provides a way for freelancers to build, maintain and promote their own brand, so they can stand out from the competition and win more work. By offering a powerful set of tools to manage workloads, schedules, and finances, The List is helping to make freelancers more efficient, effective and profitable, creating a more robust and reliable network of professionals for clients to tap into.

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A Community-driven Marketplace

The List isn’t just a platform for booking at-home services. It’s also a community-driven marketplace that’s built to support both clients and freelancers. The company has established an engaged community that shares valuable feedback, tips, and insights, making it easier for everyone to achieve their goals and thrive on the platform.

The startup has got big plans for the future, including the introduction of new services such as errands, groceries, and home cleaning options. This means that clients can start booking all their local services in a one-stop-shop, whilst also providing freelancers with even more opportunities to showcase their skills and capture new business.


The List promises to revolutionize the way we access at-home services in the UK. By providing an easy-to-use and reliable platform for clients and freelancers alike, a whole new world of possibilities emerges. With The List, everything is about ease of use, affordability, and efficiency.




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