Startup Showcase: Trade Mastermind – Helping Trade & Construction Owners Earn 7 Figures

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Trade Mastermind was founded by Joseph Valente, a renowned businessman who won BBC’s The Apprentice in 2015. Joseph previously co-owned Impragas, one of the largest energy companies in the UK, with Lord Sugar until the successful exit in 2019. During his journey with Impragas, Joseph learned many important business lessons that helped him develop a blueprint for his next venture – Trade Mastermind. The ultimate goal of the platform is to help trade and construction business owners get off the tools and build profitable businesses.

The Trade Mastermind Blueprint

The Trade Mastermind offers a comprehensive training programme for business owners in the trade and construction industry. The programme covers everything from strategy development, financial planning, and marketing to leadership qualities, team building, and systems implementation. The curriculum is designed to help business owners develop the skills and knowledge required to build profitable, sustainable businesses that offer them more freedom and flexibility.

Trade Mastermind Success Stories

  • Many business owners have already benefited from the Trade Mastermind programme. The platform has helped them unlock their full potential and reach new heights of success. Here are some of the success stories:
  • Paul, a plumber from Manchester, joined the Trade Mastermind programme in 2019. Since then, he has grown his business by more than 300%, hired new staff, and implemented efficient systems that save him time and money.
  • Sarah, an electrician from London, was struggling with marketing and branding. She joined the Trade Mastermind programme and learned how to create compelling marketing strategies that helped her attract more clients and increase her revenue.
  • Mark, a builder from Birmingham, had a hard time developing leadership qualities and building a motivated team. He joined the Trade Mastermind programme and learned how to lead by example, communicate effectively, and hire the right people. Now, he has a high-performing team that enables him to take a step back and focus on growing the business.
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Trade Mastermind is a game-changer for trade and construction business owners who want to build profitable, sustainable businesses that offer them more freedom and flexibility. The platform provides comprehensive training that covers all aspects of running a successful business. If you’re a business owner in the trade or construction industry, be sure to check out the Trade Mastermind and take your business to the next level.


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