Startup Showcase: TRYATEC – The Online Marketplace for Renting Tech Gadgets

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Are you tired of spending hundreds of pounds on the latest tech gadgets only to dispose of them when they are outdated? Do you want to experience the latest technology without breaking the bank? Then TRYATEC might be the answer to your prayers. TRYATEC is the insured C2C/B2C online marketplace for renting the latest tech gadgets, such as drones, cameras, and VR gear.

Experience the Coolest Technology for a Fraction of the Price

TRYATEC not only allows gadget borrowers to experience the coolest technology for a fraction of their price, but it also enables gadget owners to make money with their unused gadgets fully covered. The platform connects gadget owners with gadget borrowers, while providing insurance, secure check-outs, and convenient delivery options.

TRYATEC aims to reduce electronic waste and introduce more sustainable consumption patterns into the electronics industry. The company believes that it should be everyone’s right to access technology, regardless of their budget.


TRYATEC operates on a peer-to-peer rental model where gadget owners can list their unused gadgets for rent at a price of their choice. Gadget borrowers can search for gadgets on the platform and rent them for a specified period. TRYATEC verifies both gadget owners and borrowers, ensuring that they are legitimate users of the platform.

TRYATEC insures all gadgets listed on the platform, providing peace of mind to both gadget owners and borrowers. The platform also offers flexible delivery options, with gadget owners having the option to deliver the gadgets to borrowers themselves or opting for TRYATEC’s delivery partners to handle it.

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TRYATEC’s Awards and Recognition

TRYATEC has received numerous awards and recognition for its innovative platform, including the Cass Angels Award 2018, Circular Economy Award 2017, Pitch for Good Award 2017, and a Finalist at the Inspiring Innovator of the Year 2016.

TRYATEC’s Future Plans

TRYATEC’s ultimate goal is to become the go-to platform for renting tech gadgets, not just in the UK but globally. The company plans to expand its catalog of gadgets, including high-end smartphones and laptops, in the near future. TRYATEC also plans to launch a subscription-based model to make renting gadgets even more accessible and affordable.


TRYATEC is revolutionizing the electronics industry with its innovative approach to renting tech gadgets. The platform offers a win-win situation for gadget owners and borrowers, promoting sustainability and accessibility to technology. If you’re a gadget enthusiast or someone who likes to keep up with the latest technology trends, TRYATEC might be the perfect platform for you.


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