Startup Showcase: Turbo AI™ – The Revolutionary AI-Powered PHV Platform

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Turbo AI™ is an innovative ride-sharing platform providing quality, reliable and affordable private hire vehicles (PHVs) in the UK. Launched in November 2017, Turbo AI™ is the first AI technology framework in the UK to offer an integrated loyalty program, rewarding passengers with select treats from Turbo and its partners. With over 75+ providers and 10,000 cabs in London, Turbo AI™ guarantees that there’s always a cab around the corner.

Introducing Turbo AI™

Turbo AI™, a joint venture by the incubator Ingenuity Lab – The University of Nottingham and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Global Start-Up (GSW), aims to redefine the UK taxi industry. The platform utilizes reinforcement learning techniques, deep learning, probabilistic modelling, neuro-evolution and natural language processing applications to enhance user and driver experience, and optimize dispatch.

The Turbo AI™ Experience

Turbo AI™ is a customer-centric company, driven by innovation and cutting-edge technology. The platform provides hassle-free transportation services to millions of ordinary people as its top priority. Turbo AI™ is 45% cheaper than regular private hire vehicles in the UK, offering fixed price trips with ZERO surge pricing.

Turbo AI™’s mission is to build the most trusted, internationally diversified brand, and to contribute back to society. The company values its people, supports their growth and rewards their performance. Turbo AI™ aspires to maintain its stakeholder trust, and keep a world-class standard of corporate governance.

Research and Development

Turbo AI™ is committed to continuous improvement of its AI architecture. The company’s R&D team is working on AI algorithmic frameworks to optimize dispatch, reduce wait times for riders, and maximize driver earnings.

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The company’s AI framework analyzes historical trip requests to predict future demands, enabling it to dispatch the nearest driver to a rider’s location with the least wait time. Improving this model means providing more well-paid jobs to drivers, and more happy customers to Turbo AI™.


The revolutionary Turbo AI™ platform is the future of the UK taxi industry, and a game-changer for residents and visitors alike. With superior AI technology, unparalleled customer focus, and unbeatable affordability, Turbo AI™ is a must-try for anyone travelling in London or other UK locations. Book now to experience the Turbo AI™ difference.


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