Startup Showcase: Dextcloud — Building Resilient, Scalable and Secure Services with Low Code Platforms and APIs

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Dextcloud is the intuitive orchestration platform that simplifies and accelerates application development, allowing businesses to focus on their core objectives. In this startup showcase, we explore the innovative technology that sets Dextcloud apart, and how it is helping companies create new services faster, more efficiently, and with less resource requirements and time.

Introducing Dextcloud: The Intuitive Orchestration Platform

Dextcloud is the brainchild of Manish Sharma, a data centre applications and technology consultant with extensive experience in designing and building large scale distributed systems. His vision for Dextcloud was to create a Low No Code, API and Event-driven toolkit to simplify and accelerate applications development that would help businesses improve their efficiency and competitiveness.

Dextcloud’s Technology Stack: A Low Code Platform for API and Event Driven Applications

Dextcloud’s Low No Code platform enables businesses to create Command-driven (API) and Event-driven business applications in their ever-changing and distributed enterprise. This platform simplifies access to data and applications spread across multiple platforms and geographies, enabling the automation of key business functions. This reduces dissonance in the process of service creation and streamlines it according to business objectives, significantly increasing efficiency.

Benefits of using Dextcloud

Dextcloud’s low code platforms and APIs offer several benefits to businesses looking to improve their efficiency and competitiveness. It reduces most of the steps in terms of resource requirements and time, allowing developers to focus on other core business objectives, reducing costs and enhancing developer productivity. This technological innovation also enables the enterprise to participate in an API-driven digital ecosystem, presenting new opportunities for collaboration and monetisation.

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Dextcloud’s target clientele

Dextcloud’s incisive innovation has found applicability in Fintech and Retail as well as medium to large organisations looking to reduce costs, enhance developer productivity and increase efficiency. Their current customer base extends globally, even as they continue to expand and improve on their technology, feature sets, and customer success.


Dextcloud’s innovative, low code platforms and APIs offer a reliable solution to companies looking to improve workflow, reduce costs, and enhance their developer productivity. Their unique approach to enterprise orchestration has the potential to change business operations by simplifying access to data and applications spread across multiple platforms and geographies. Visit their website to learn more about their product offerings and services.


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