Startup Showcase: Fleetly Telematics – Transforming Fleet Management with AI and Data Analytics

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As fleets of vehicles remain the backbone of many businesses in the transportation and logistics space, fleet management has become an intricate process that requires a lot of coordination and management of different moving parts. However, with the use of artificial intelligence and data analytics, Fleetly Telematics is changing the way businesses manage their fleets.


Fleetly Telematics is a comprehensive driver safety and fleet management system powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics designed to prevent high-risk events for commercial fleets. The UK-based company has developed an award-winning technology that helps commercial fleets to manage risk by disrupting distraction and coaching with video visual analysis of events, resulting in significant savings.

Advanced Features of Fleetly Telematics

Fleetly Telematics combines traditional GPS tracking, video telematics, artificial intelligence (AI), and computer vision to provide truly sophisticated fleet management software. The platform is designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and help businesses manage a healthy fleet. Here are some of the advanced features of Fleetly Telematics:

  • Video Telematics: Fleetly Telematics uses high-quality video telematics to capture driver behavior in real-time, providing a detailed analysis of the events leading up to risky driving behaviors. This video telematics also serves as evidence in the case of an accident or insurance claim.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision: Fleetly Telematics uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to identify risky driving behaviors, such as distracted driving or unsafe lane changes, in real-time. This technology provides businesses with actionable insights to coach their drivers and improve their safety.
  • Driver Coaching: Fleetly Telematics provides businesses with data-driven insights to coach their drivers on safe driving practices. This coaching helps drivers improve their skills and avoid accidents or risky behaviors.
  • IoT Platform: Fleetly Telematics platform hosts fleet vehicles and assets securely in a single platform. It supports a wide range of hardware options ranging from dash cameras (Dashcams), complex multi-camera HGV vehicle CCTV systems, AIS-140 compliant solutions, Safety Kits, most advanced and bespoke sensor integration to support enterprise business needs.
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Product Innovation

Fleetly Telematics actively collaborates with its customers using feedback, surveys and investing resources on research and development to increase the efficiency of fleets. The company recognizes that product innovation is vital to its continued growth, and it strives to provide all core features of fleet management along with the most advanced camera technology and enhances driver safety program.


Fleetly Telematics is a device-agnostic and platform-independent solution built for organizations of all sizes. Dash cameras or multi-camera systems enabled with real-time AI enhance fleet safety, operational performance, and reduce incidents by approximately 74%, and a decrease in accident-related costs by 90% when used with a driver coaching module. Ultimately, Fleetly Telematics is transforming fleet management by providing businesses with data-driven insights to improve safety, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.


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