Startup Showcase: Uncapped – The Innovative Revenue-Based Financing Solution for Entrepreneurs

Discover How Uncapped's Revenue-Based Financing Solution is Disrupting the World of Lending.

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Uncapped is changing the face of traditional lending with its unique revenue-based financing solution that offers access to growth capital without interest rates or equity. In this startup showcase, we explore the innovative business model of Uncapped and how it’s helping entrepreneurs revolutionize the way they raise funds.

As founders know, getting access to capital to grow their business can be a challenging and frustrating task. Traditional financing routes, such as bank loans, can come with high-interest rates and lengthy application processes. In contrast, equity financing often requires giving up ownership and control of the business. That’s where Uncapped comes in. The London-based startup offers an alternative financing option that uses revenue-based financing to help entrepreneurs scale up without the financial burdens of interest rates or loss of ownership.

How Uncapped Works

Uncapped allows business owners to get loans based on their future revenue projections through a revenue share model. Instead of paying interest rates or giving up equity, business owners pay a flat fee of 6% of the capital provided. This model allows entrepreneurs to access funds up to £2m without the worry of interest rates, hidden charges or equity dilution. Repayment is based on a percentage of the revenue generated. This means that if a business generates more revenue after receiving the loan, the repayment can be completed faster, benefiting both sides of the transaction.

Financing Based on Revenue

One of Uncapped’s unique features is that its financing model is based on real-time business data. This means the company uses marketing, accounting, and sales data to determine financing eligibility. Uncapped provides a dashboard for monitoring business performance to track the growth and determine repayment schedules based on revenue.

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Access to Funding

Uncapped provides funding for a variety of businesses, including those with low credit scores and startups. Additionally, Uncapped doesn’t pressure entrepreneurs to secure the funds quickly by using short-term financing options such as payday loans.

Founders Behind the Innovation

Asher Ismail and Piotr Pisarz co-founded Uncapped in 2019. Ismail brings his experience as an angel investor to the company, supporting ambitious entrepreneurs shaping the future of the industry. Pisarz is a venture capitalist with years of experience in asset management, specializing in portfolio management and risk assessments.


Uncapped’s innovative revenue-based financing model provides a flexible, fair, and forward-thinking funding option for entrepreneurs who face financing roadblocks. The team’s agility and focus on individual entrepreneurs make them an excellent choice for businesses that need funding without the traditional constraints. The future of financing is revenue-based, and Uncapped is leading the way.





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