Startup Showcase: G PLUS QUANT – Your Gateway to Investment Opportunities

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As the world experiences a digital transformation, the traditional methods of investing are becoming outdated. This is where G PLUS QUANT comes in, providing a platform that connects investors with startups using blockchain technology, and offering access to tokenized commercial real estate. In this startup showcase, we explore how G PLUS QUANT is revolutionizing the investment industry with its unique approach.

Introduction to G PLUS QUANT

G PLUS QUANT is a London-based startup that aims to bring investors closer to startups and commercial real estate opportunities using blockchain technology. The company works with professional and accredited investors, assisting them in making informed investment decisions through access to startups and real estate properties. G PLUS QUANT has a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds, including investment and trading, online commerce, information technology, real estate, marketing and branding, and law, to provide comprehensive advice to clients.

Access to Startup and Real Estate Investment Opportunities

G PLUS QUANT offers access to startups in various sectors such as fintech, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and environmental sustainability. The company vets these startups to ensure they have a solid business model and growth potential. This process enables investors to make informed investment decisions, minimizing the risk of investment failure. The company also offers access to tokenized commercial real estate, enabling investors to own a share of a high-value commercial property. This approach provides liquidity, enhancing investment opportunities for investors.

International Reach

G PLUS QUANT has strategic partners across the UK, European Union, Israel, USA, and Asia. This network enables the company to facilitate capital and know-how flow, supporting the internationalization of investment opportunities. The company’s international reach is beneficial, especially for investors looking to diversify their portfolio across different geographical locations.

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Investment Support and Assistance

G PLUS QUANT provides investment support and assistance to its clients, from locating and negotiating investment deals to organizing syndicated investment pools. The company’s qualified team works with clients to identify their investment goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon to develop a tailored investment strategy. The team also provides negotiating and exit assistance, ensuring clients get the best possible returns.


G PLUS QUANT has revolutionized the investment industry by providing a platform that connects investors with startups and commercial real estate opportunities. The company’s use of blockchain technology enhances transparency, security, and liquidity, making investment opportunities accessible to a wider pool of investors. G PLUS QUANT’s international reach, investment support, and assistance, further enhance the company’s value proposition, making it a valuable partner for professional and accredited investors.


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