The Cutting-Edge AgTech Startups Pioneering the Future of Farming in England

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Agricultural technology (AgTech) is rapidly transforming the farming industry, bringing innovation and efficiency to every stage of the agricultural supply chain. In England, there is a growing number of AgTech startups, each with a unique focus on solving problems that the industry faces. In this article, we will showcase 15 interesting AgTech startups that are changing the future of agriculture in England.

Agronomex: Addressing Agricultural Food Waste

Agronomex is a trading and procurement platform that addresses the problem of agricultural food waste. By connecting buyers with sellers of surplus and imperfect produce, Agronomex reduces food waste and helps farmers generate more revenue. Anthony Kerfyser and Pascale Martin founded Agronomex in 2018.

Optimal Agriculture: Deploying AI-Operated Greenhouses

Optimal Agriculture is an AgTech startup that deploys AI-operated greenhouses outside every city on earth. Their goal is to produce high-quality food using sustainable and efficient methods. David Hunter and João Abrantes founded Optimal Agriculture in 2018.

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Petiole: Yield Prediction and Monitoring with Smartphone

Petiole is an AgTech startup that offers yield prediction and monitoring with a smartphone. By analyzing plant health and growth data, Petiole helps farmers optimize their crop yields. Andrii Seleznov and Maryna Kuzmenko founded Petiole in 2017.

Olombria: Increasing Pollination and Ensuring Greater Crop Yields

Olombria is an AgTech startup that curates fly behavior to increase pollination and ensure greater crop yields. Using a proprietary technology, Olombria attracts and manages flies to improve pollination rates. Greg Orrom Swan, Louis Alderson-Bythell, and Tashia Tucker founded Olombria in 2016.

Agrolabs: Helping Greenhouse Farmers Grow More and Better

Agrolabs is an AgTech startup that helps greenhouse farmers grow more and better crops. Using IoT and robotics, Agrolabs optimizes the growing process, resulting in higher yields and better quality produce. Michael Lazarenko founded Agrolabs in 2019.

EcoNomad Solutions: Sustainability of Smallholder Farming

EcoNomad Solutions is an AgTech startup that focuses on the sustainability of smallholder farming around the world. They provide solutions that help farmers conserve natural resources, use renewable energy, and adopt sustainable farming practices. Alexander Demenko and Ilan Adler founded EcoNomad Solutions in 2017.

COGZ: Trade Only Marketplace for Surplus and Imperfect Produce

COGZ is an AgTech startup that operates a trade-only marketplace for surplus and imperfect produce in the food industry. By connecting buyers with sellers, COGZ reduces food waste and helps farmers generate more revenue. Sean O’Keefe founded COGZ in 2020.

Nova Extraction: Mobile Hardware for Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Nova Extraction is an AgTech startup that produces off-grid, mobile hardware for supercritical CO2 extraction. Their technology is used in the cannabis and personal health industries to extract pure and potent compounds. Alexander N and Sergey S founded Nova Extraction in 2018.

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Liberty Produce: Agritech

Liberty Produce is an AgTech startup that focuses on using technology to improve the efficiency and sustainability of farming. Their goal is to produce high-quality food using innovative and sustainable methods. Alexander Giles, Dylan Banks, and Zeina Chapman founded Liberty Produce in 2018.

Optimiz: Remote Containerised Cargo Inspections and Claims Optimisation

Optimiz is an AgTech startup that enables remote containerized cargo inspections and claims optimization. Their platform streamlines the cargo inspection process, reducing the risk of damage and improving efficiency. Kingsly Kwalar founded Optimiz in 2018.

Multus: Animal-Free Cell Production

Multus is an AgTech startup that focuses on animal-free cell production. Their technology is used in the food and beverage industry to produce high-quality, sustainable products. Cai Linton, Kevin Pan, and Reka Tron founded Multus in 2018.

Pastoral: Regenerative Farming and Livestock Management

Pastoral is an AgTech startup that incentivizes livestock farmers to begin regenerative farming by generating carbon credits and carbon accounting data. By using IoT technology to monitor livestock, Pastoral helps farmers improve the sustainability of their farms. Josh Thomas and Shea McManigal founded Pastoral in 2019.

Materra: Developing Sustainable Cotton Farming

Materra is an AgTech startup that focuses on reducing fashion’s environmental impact by developing farm and intelligence systems to grow radically more sustainable cotton. Their technology is used to optimize cotton farming, reduce water usage, and improve soil health. Materra was founded by a team of experts in 2020.

Forward Food: Providing Commercial Support for AgTech and FoodTech Businesses

Forward Food is an AgTech startup that provides access to commercial support and investment for AgTech and FoodTech businesses. Their platform connects startups with investors, mentors, and advisors to help them grow and scale. Rob Ward founded Forward Food in 2018.

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E-Nano: Bringing Robotics to Sports Turf Management and Agro-Industry

E-Nano is an AgTech startup that brings robotics potential to the real world of sports turf management and agro-industry. Their technology is used to improve the efficiency of turf management, reduce water usage, and optimize crop production. Alan Jurnet Berteloot, Christian von Scheidt, and Erwann Lompech–Leneveu founded E-Nano in 2021.


AgTech startups are revolutionizing the future of agriculture in England. Each startup listed above brings a unique perspective to the industry, solving problems and improving efficiency across the agricultural supply chain. From reducing food waste to improving the sustainability of farming, AgTech startups are making a significant impact on the industry. These startups are the driving force behind the future of agriculture, and it will be exciting to see what they accomplish in the years to come.

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