What Are London’s Most Influential Transaction Processing Startups in 2023?

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UK’s capital, London, is a hub for various startups that offer innovative solutions in the financial sector. Businesses which enhance and ease transaction processing for individuals and companies are finding their niche in the digital market. London’s position as a global hub for finance and technology makes it an ideal base for fintech startups seeking to disrupt traditional financial systems. Here we feature some exciting transaction processing startups in London.

These startups are leveraging modern-day technologies to break through conventional market hurdles and redefine how we transact. Their areas of focus range from Anti Fraud to Cryptocurrency to Digital Marketing. These London-based Transaction Processing startups not only offer unique solutions but also contribute significantly to the burgeoning fintech scene.

Each startup highlighted in this article is providing a unique, innovative solution spearheading London’s position as a global fintech capital. Let’s delve into the details of each startup.


Thirdfort founded by Jack Bidgood and Olly Thornton-Berry, aims to prevent fraud in major financial transactions. By leveraging technology, they are building the first end-to-end Anti Fraud Platform that can combine KYC, AML, and secure payments to protect life’s big transactions.


Founded by Alberto De Biasio and Alexandr Kulakov, FACE DONATE is a social good network that connects those in need to those who can assist in a non-faceless manner.


Startup FXPay offers an innovative solution to manage transactions for the forex broker industry.

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Cityport protects transported goods against theft using an innovative method beneficial for the logistics industry.

Tribe Payments

Founded by Suresh Vaghjiani, Tribe Payments provides cloud-based, API led, fully customizable, and ‘end to end’​ payment solutions for Fintechs.

Abacus FX

Abacus FX, a London based startup provides services related to foreign exchange and risk management.


Founded by Juan Andrade and Simon White, Rebank is an innovative software that provides a comprehensive dashboard for business to manage and control their financial transactions efficiently.


Founded by Joaquim Costa, Jorge Batista, and Stefano Moretti, CryptAPI offers an uncomplicated approach to handling cryptocurrency payments.

GlobePay Limited

Founded by Anna Hu, GlobePay Limited is a leading-edge RMB/GBP cross-border payments and Chinese digital marketing provider.

PayMob Technology

PayMob Technology is a fintech company that provides online payment tools, frontline payment technology, and payment gateways.

Game Payment Technology

Startup Game Payment Technology offers payment solutions for the gaming industry.


Fintech company Paychant founded by Gabriel Adeniji and Moses Adeniji, allows businesses and individuals in Africa to accept digital currencies as payment in their day-to-day commerce.


Founded by Maxim Kozenko and Valeria Vahorovska, Fondy simplifies local payments and payouts on a global scale promising a one-stop-shop for businesses.


Founded by Igor Pikovsky and Ralph Rogge, Crezco provides innovative instant payment solutions.

Modo Money

Modo Money founded by Igor Krstelj, is a fintech company that provides complete financial payment and transaction services for individuals and businesses.

Each of these transaction processing startups shines a light on how technology and innovation can revamp traditional banking and finance. They are redefining the fintech sector in London and paving the way for a more efficient and safe transaction process for businesses and individuals alike.

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