Which London News Startups are Influencing UK Media Landscape in 2023?

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London, one of the world’s foremost technology hubs is led by a group of forward-thinking individuals who are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. This innovation is seen in various sectors, not least the news industry, where several startups are making waves. London-based startups such as Factmata, loomi.ai, ZyCrypto, BBN Times, our news report, UnHerd, Reeyap Ltd, ViralMash, Civil Blockchain, Sifted, Tortoise Media, Noise Media, BEAM, Simple Flying, and Coin Rivet are reinventing how news is gathered, distributed, and consumed, leveraging new technologies to bring fresh perspectives to the current news landscape.

These startups are utilising technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for automated content understanding, organising and prioritising user’s connected world and cryptocurrency news analysis, among various other applications. In addition, their innovative approaches span across industries including Advertising, Brand Marketing, Media and Entertainment to Internet and Health Care.

Not only are they revolutionising the way we access and interact with the news, but they’re also creating unique opportunities for advertisers and marketers to engage with audiences in more meaningful ways. Below, we take a closer look at these cutting-edge companies that are transforming the news industry.


Factmata is an artificial intelligence company that leverages machine learning for automated content understanding. The platform services sectors such as Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Brand Marketing, Machine Learning, News, Public Relations, SaaS, Social Media Marketing, Text Analytics. It was conceived by founders Andreas Vlachos, Dhruv Ghulati, and Sebastian Riedel.

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loomi.ai is an intelligent assistant platform that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for organising and prioritising user’s connected world. It was brought to life by Al Ramich and Surjit Bhachu.


ZyCrypto is a Cryptocurrency news outlet that offers breaking news, opinions, analysis and reviews about cryptocurrencies.

BBN Times

BBN Times provides the latest insights from experts in technology, healthcare, leadership, and entrepreneurship. The company was founded by Badr Berrada.

our news report

our news report is an innovative company that is applying the Internet of Things approach to revolutionising the Media Industry. It primarily focuses on Advertising, Content and News.


UnHerd is an online magazine that offers news and opinions on politics, culture, and global affairs.

Reeyap Ltd

Reeyap Ltd is a biddable media agency based in West London, focusing on Advertising and News.


ViralMash, founded by Samir Garasia, is an entertainment website that also brings in news, especially in the realms of content, media, music and social news.

Civil Blockchain

Civil Blockchain is an exclusive point of reference for the latest news, trends and tutorials on all things Blockchain on the internet.


Sifted, a brainchild of Caspar Woolley and John Thornhill, is a media site for Europe’s innovators and entrepreneurs. It caters to Journalism and News industry.

Tortoise Media

Tortoise Media, co-founded by Ceci Kurzman, James Harding, and Katie Vanneck-Smith, is building a different type of newsroom: news without all the noise.

Noise Media

Noise Media, founded by Anthony Goldman and Joseph Levi, is an award-winning, social-first media agency that helps brands reach customers on an exponential scale.

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BEAM is an innovative startup that focuses on personal and public social-based content distribution and curation, founded by Ian Petras.

Simple Flying

Simple Flying is providing a one-stop hub for all key stories on commercial aviation.

Coin Rivet

Coin Rivet is a media company offering bitcoin and ethereum news.

In summary, these forward-thinking startups are shaping the future of the UK’s news industry. By harnessing the power of technology and innovative approaches, they are revolutionising how news is gathered, distributed, and consumed in London, England and beyond.

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