What Are the Top Influential Customer Service Startups in England?

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England, United Kingdom has seen a tremendous rise in innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of customer service in recent years. As businesses increasingly rely on quality customer service to differentiate themselves from competitors, an array of innovative startups providing unique customer service solutions have emerged. This article aims to highlight some of the most interesting customer service startups and companies in England. They offer a wide range of solutions ranging from machine learning, retail solutions to more specific needs like customer feedback, sales, and business intelligence. Their adoption of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, and more, reiterates how much these technologies influence business operations today.

The customer service industry is constantly evolving as consumers seek a more streamlined and personalized experience. Companies are rising to this challenge by employing new and innovative strategies to meet and exceed their customer’s expectations. The startups mentioned in this article are leading the way in pioneering these initiatives, delivering solutions that provide tangible benefits to their clients and their customers. Whether it’s improving feedback systems, refining e-commerce platforms, or providing analytics data, these startups are making a significant impact in the customer service industry.

Each of the selected startups offers exciting solutions to a particular problem within the customer service space. They have achieved notoriety for their innovative approaches and outstanding services. Here are 15 notable customer service startups from England, UK:


Measmerize is a SaaS provider aimed at reducing returns and increasing sales in fashion e-commerce by leveraging AI and machine learning. More about Measmerize.

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SightMill Ltd

SightMill Ltd develops tools to help businesses track and improve customer experience using NPS across their operations. Find out more about SightMill Ltd.


Samim.ai helps increase the effectiveness of Sales and Customer Service by deploying AI virtual sales and customer service assistants. Check out Samim.ai here.


FeedbackRig is a one-stop solution for gathering actionable feedback from customers to increase satisfaction and retention. Visit FeedbackRig for more details.


Prodsight is an IT company that provides SaaS for business intelligence through customer feedback and insights. Learn more about Prodsight.


Findingaplace is revolutionizing the rental search experience by removing the need to search at all. More information about Findingaplace here.


Named Koodoo, this company works with lenders and aggregators to intelligently connect homeowners with their next mortgage. Check out Koodoo here.

Arca Blanca

An integrated consulting and data company, Arca Blanca, can be found here.


VorteXplore is a software service-based startup. Find more about VorteXplore.


StoreRocket is an informational service-based company offering customer service, IT, and software solutions. More on StoreRocket.


Selling blankets, Lounger, and pod in sites, remy also bases its services on customer service, E-commerce, retail, and sales. Visit remy.

Emerald Thinking

Emerald Thinking, a boutique data planning, and analytics agency can be found here.


Dognbone is a telesales agency that provides lead generation and customer care services. Explore Dognbone.

Blue Bus Innovation

Blue Bus Innovation is a transportation company that provides a private shuttle connecting hotels to airports in the Luton and Stansted Area. Check out Blue Bus Innovation.

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Lastly, Veond is an internet service-based startup focused on apps, customer service, and internet. Learn more about Veond.

These tremendous startups are transforming the customer service landscape in England, UK, leveraging technology, and innovative solutions. They are an inspiration to entrepreneurs and a valuable asset to the business community. They symbolize the future of customer service.

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