Which Are London’s Most Influential Legal Tech Startups in 2023?

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Legal technology, or Legal Tech as it is commonly referred to, refers to the use of technology and software to provide legal services. London, being a global hub for both the legal and tech sectors, has seen a plethora of startups focusing on legal tech. In this article, we shine a light on the most intriguing Legal Tech startups based in London, revolutionizing the legal landscape.

Legal Tech startups have been leveraging advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain to simplify complex legal processes, bring cost efficiency, enhance accuracy, and provide easy access to legal services. From contract review to legal billing, and from fundraising platform to compliance solutions, these startups are creating innovative solutions spanning across various segments of the legal industry.

Let’s dive deeper into these London-based Legal Tech startups, taking a closer look at what they offer, and how they are redefining the legal space.

Alacrity Law

Alacrity Law is a legal relationship management platform assisting organizations in effectively managing their external legal relationships. Founded by Christopher Thurn, Alacrity Law has been providing valuable services in the Legal Tech industry.


Co-founded by Nigel Carter, Grandeo is disrupting the Legal Tech, Software, and Information Technology sectors by providing Blockchain Applications & Cybersecurity solutions.


Founders Jack Bidgood and Olly Thornton-Berry have built Thirdfort with a vision to create a comprehensive Anti Fraud Platform combining KYC, AML and secure payments, thereby protecting big transactions.

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Legal Utopia

Started by Fraser Matcham, Legal Utopia is making strides in the Legal Tech industry by making legal health accessible for all.


QuickWill is a Will Writer platform aimed at simplifying the process of writing a will. This Legal Tech startup is reducing the stress associated with this legal necessity.

Della AI

Founded by a trio of tech-enthusiasts – Christophe Frerebeau, Hugo Seymour, and Nicolas Chauville, Della AI provides an artificial intelligence solution that helps review contracts faster.

Accurate Legal Billing

With offering services on billing guidelines, consulting, implementation, and e-billing training, Accurate Legal Billing is eliminating billing headaches in the legal industry.

Good Law Software

Good Law Software, founded by Atef Elmarakby, provides ERM and legal tech software development services, simplifying the work process in law firms and legal departments.

Linklaters | CreateiQ

Linklaters | CreateiQ offers legal automation software for in-house legal teams, automating their day-to-day processes.


DataKiwi, founded by Edmund Williams, Edward Carter, and Farid Haque, uses artificial Intelligence to help and augment the legal teams around the world.


Creators, Denys Goncharenko, and Ulyana Shtybel, Ph.D., have developed Quoroom as a powerful platform to manage investment workflow, equity, and debt securities.


Pioneered by Łukasz Malicki, Docmatic is a SaaS-based innovative solution to analyse and understand legal documents.


Vauban, founded by Rémy Astié and Ulric Musset, makes pooling & deploying capital to invest in private companies much easier.


The founders of deephound – Alessia Gianaroli, Marco Menichelli, and Rosbeh Zakikhani, have created an Augmented Intelligence Agency, catering to various industries including Legal Tech.

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Last but not the least, CodeREG, parented by Stacy-Ann Sinclair, is reinventing financial compliance for the digital era.

In conclusion, these London-based enterprises are embodying the essence of innovation with their offerings in the legal tech arena. Each startup brings forth a unique solution contributing to digitizing the conventional legal systems and processes, thereby epitomizing the continuously evolving landscape of Legal Tech.

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