Which London Platforms Startups Are Shaping UK’s Digital Landscape in 2023?

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Theres a buzzing hotbed of innovation in the London startup scene with a plethora of industries being shaken up by fresh ways of doing things. In particular, one area that’s seen a flurry of activity in the UK capital is platform startups – ventures that provide e-commerce venues, blockchain services, digital marketing solutions, and retail technologies. Today, we’ll explore 15 of these startups based in London and all the innovative ideas they’re unleashing in their respective fields.

These startups, amid the capital’s bustling cityscape, serve as testament to the city’s continually evolving tech scene. Across artificial intelligence, fashion, advertising, and far beyond, their missions and products pose a compelling image of the future of industries. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the dynamic world of these exciting London-based platform startups.

Note that the startups listed have been grouped according to their main industry but many operate across several sectors, further emphasizing the fluidity and overlaps within the London startup ecosystem.


Measmerize is a SaaS platform that provides a solution to reduce returns and boost sales in fashion e-commerce. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning techniques, and big data analytics, Measmerize serves to revolutionize retail technology and customer service within the fashion sector.


Donaco aims to revolutionize the donation industry with an in-browser web tool which links charities and donors in innovative ways, using artificial intelligence to make advertising platforms more engaging and influential.

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Sewport, a SaaS platform which connects brands with manufacturers, poses a reliable option for fashion brands looking to establish connections and improve productivity.

Radiate B2B

Radiate B2B is an intent data platform that observes company activity both on your website and across the internet, informing who is in market currently. Their solution provides business intelligence services for marketing, sales, sales automation, and B2B businesses.


Face2trade is dedicated to delivering premier advertisement services, marketing solutions, and internet-based tools that are both productive and efficient for business audiences and individual clients.


Carryr is redefining delivery experiences for e-commerce brands, offering a swift 90-minute delivery service or an option to schedule for a later time.

DAN Global

DAN Global offers online platforms, industry knowledge, and various tools to assist digital agencies and the global community of marketers.

Flamingo Paperie

Flamingo Paperie serves as an e-commerce platform for greeting cards.


Mattereum empowers NFTs to act as enforceable IOUs for physical assets through smart contract legal tech.


JusTailors functions as a sustainable apparel e-commerce platform, offering on-demand supply chain services and smart tailoring options.

SuperStore Systems

SuperStore Systems specializes in marketplace technology and consultancy services.

Gift & Go

Gift & Go is a new gifting technology platform that empowers businesses to develop powerful loyalty stores and promotions using Amazon Business.


WeBuy serves as an on-demand platform for Buyers and Sellers on the Blockchain.


WholeLot enables registered businesses to sell their products or services to local customers and also to 15+ e-commerce and social platforms.

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Odore brings digital and data to sampling, offering data-driven sampling solutions so brands can know their customers better.

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