Which Are London’s Most Influential Mining Startups Shaping the Industry?

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In this fast-paced world, technology continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, permeating into every industry imaginable. One such industry experiencing this technological evolution is mining. This sector, traditionally known for its reliance on physical labour, is now seeing innovative startups using data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and more to revolutionize the way mining operations are conducted. This article will highlight fifteen notable mining startups based in London, England, who are making significant contributions to this industry’s future.

The United Kingdom, particularly London, has long been recognised as a hub for startups and entrepreneurs. With its vibrant tech community and abundant opportunities for collaboration, the city is an excellent breeding ground for innovation. The emergence of mining startups in this bustling city may seem surprising at first, given the industry’s traditional association with less urban environments. However, these startups are harnessing the power of modern technology to explore mining in new ways, proving that the industry’s future is as much in code as it is in the earth.

Whether they are providing businesses with the necessary tools to leverage their data effectively, developing green mining equipment, offering cloud computing services for mining data, or exploring new mineral resources, these startups are pushing the boundaries of what is traditionally possible in the mining sector. Through their innovative approaches, they are helping to shape a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future for the mining industry.


Founded by Emmanuel Olatunji, Intelance offers cloud-based platforms that can integrate various data sources, providing a more efficient and effective data management solution. They focus on CRM, data integration, data visualization, and Internet of Things among others, enabling clients to experience limitless possibilities with their connected data.

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Cudo Ventures

At the helm of Cudo Ventures is Matt Hawkins. The startup is an adept provider of sustainable cloud computing and Tech4Good monetisation software, having presence in over 145 countries. Their services navigate the realms of blockchain, cloud infrastructure, cryptocurrency, and video streaming, among others.


Mindzilla, steered by Tim El-Sheikh, provides services in Science, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Their knowledge management platform helps facilitate business intelligence and big data analytics.

Trident Royalties plc

Trident Royalties, under the guidance of Adam Davidson, is a mining royalty company. They specifically deal with mining and precious metals.


Smartproxy is a public data access platform providing top-tier IP addresses through its proxy server rental service. They operate in the realm of business intelligence, information technology, and software among others.


Datavid, with Balvinder Dang as a founder, assists organizations in leveraging their data effectively. Their services encompass different areas including analytics, AI, consulting, and web development.

RISC Vision

RISC Vision provide cloud-based risk intelligence management solutions. They operate within the business intelligence, risk management, and software industries.


Zarou builds and operates energy-related projects—including those in power, oil & gas midstream, renewable energy and water industries.

Zamare Minerals

Zamare Minerals are in the business of acquiring and exploring mineral resources such as copper and cobalt which are crucial in renewable energy industries.

Eco Metals Recover

Eco Metals Recover is a new player in the manufacturing industry providing green mining equipment to the global gold mining market.

Critical Metals

Critical Metals engages in acquiring potential companies that operate in the natural resource exploration and development sector.

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Initiated by Vlad Ilnitskiy, Datrock offers customised web scraping and data delivery services.


Omenics, with founders Gregoire Tronel, Neven Horvatic, and Pierre-Alexandre Picard, helps crypto traders and investors by providing indicators based on news and social sentiment. They operate in the realms of AI, Bitcoin, data mining, and social media, among others.

Tungsten West

Tungsten West is a mining development company focused on the chemical and mineral sectors.


Last but not least, Cygnet is a search firm providing leadership skills development and coaching services specifically for the mining and natural resources sectors.

These startups are reshaping the mining industry with their groundbreaking technological prowess, proving that the UK continues to be at the forefront of innovation in mining. The future of mining surely seems exciting, and promisingly so with these trailblazing companies paving the way.

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