Which UK Tourism Startups Dominated England’s Travel Industry in 2023?

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When planning a trip, the process can become incredibly time-consuming and often overwhelming with all the decision-making and preparation. In response to the needs of modern travellers for more efficient and customized travel experiences, various startup companies have stepped into the game. The market has seen an increasing number of innovative tourism startups aiming to take the stress out of travel planning and create a seamless and memorable travel experience. From AI-driven platforms to personalized travel guides, and from social media influencers to sustainable travel options, these startups are redefining the way we travel around the world. Below, we showcase 15 fascinating tourism startups from England.



Adwaiz is a creative communications agency move beyond standard travel advertising, focusing on influencer marketing, social media management, creative content, digital design, and PR. The startup was founded by Patrick Smith and specializes in advertising, food and beverage, marketing, and tourism. They aim to break down the walls of traditional travel marketing and deliver more authentic, meaningful experiences to consumers.

Follow Alice

Focusing on creating a holistic and personal client engagement, Follow Alice is a platform that blends technology with human interaction. It was founded by Daniel Louis, Reto Bolliger, and Sebastian Schmidt. The company is pioneering in the industry of adventure travel, communities, and tourism.


eola pitches itself as an operating system for experience providers. It was founded by Callum Hemsley and Daniel Steele. The company falls under the industry of internet, software, and tourism.

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Citiletter is a travel guide developed by real people. It operates in the industries of apps, mobile apps, tourism, travel.


Using AI (artificial intelligence) technology, tripAbrood is an innovative travel platform that helps families discover and book holidays. This startup was founded by Alexa-Maria Rathbone Barker.


Another fascinating startup is Road.Travel which aims to enhance sustainable car travels and experiences for travellers. This startup was established by Alexander Urbanovich, Kirill Khomko, and Nikita Dedik.


Go!City positions itself as a company that brings the essence of travel to independent travellers by providing personalised, optimised, real-time experiences.


HostelPass is a travel app that sells pre-paid passes for accommodation and operates in the industry of apps, leisure, tourism, travel and travel accommodations.


TripTizer is an all-in-one travel website, offering services such as flight and hotel booking, car rent, tours and more. The company operates in the industry of event planning, hotel services, leisure, ticketing, tourism, and travel.


TravelDeal is an independent travel publisher that caters to a wide audience from the content, hospitality, internet, publishing, tourism, and travel industry.

Solo Fly

Solo Fly is a travel agency based in the United Kingdom and caters to anyone looking to travel.

Muslims Holy Travel

Muslims Holy Travel is a Hajj and Umrah travel company, aiming to provide halal holidays services. It operates in the industry of tourism, travel accommodations, and travel agency.

Like Locals

Like Locals is a travel startup with a mission to inspire and empower curious explorers to uncover each city’s unique culture. The company was founded by Constantinos Los, Gabriella Csányi, and Ijaz Khan.

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Veyago is a tourism startup that helps tourists have a perfect trip experience. It falls under the industry of Information Technology and tourism and was founded by Zidane Awad.


BeRightBack claims the title of the world’s first fixed-price travel subscription service. The company was founded by Alex Tomlinson and Gregory Geny and operates in the industry of leisure, subscription service, tourism, and travel.

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