Which Manchester Software Startups Are Shaping the UK’s Tech Scene?

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Rich with historic charm, the city of Manchester, United Kingdom is known for its vibrant tech scene as well. Mancunian ingenuity is well represented in the diverse array of software startups that have emerged over the past few years. The following article takes a closer look at fifteen such startups, providing a glimpse into their varied operations, innovative technologies, and the creative minds behind them. Situated within a broad spectrum of industries, including PR, finance, human resources, nightlife, and artificial intelligence, these companies are not only enhancing their respective fields but also contributing significantly to the regional economy.

While the city enjoys fame for its contribution to the arts and sports, Manchester is likewise a breeding ground for fast-growing tech companies. Thanks to its pronounced entrepreneurial spirit and supporting ecosystem, numerous software startups have sprung out. This article, in particular, introduces fifteen interesting software startups that are disrupting various industry sectors with their innovative product and service offerings. Each company profile below provides a brief overview of their work, links to their websites, and information on their founders.

Manchester’s entrepreneurial strength lies in its diversity, with an array of sectors that foster a nurturing environment for startups driven by innovation and passion. The software sector witnesses this diversity in action, creating an ecosystem that supports continuous growth and development. Every company highlighted in this article attests to the forward-thinking, innovative culture that has made Manchester a leading global tech hub. Read on to discover their unique propositions and contributions to the field.

The PR Cavalry

The PR Cavalry has emerged into the public relations landscape with a distinct proposition. This platform serves as a confidential hiring facility for PR freelancers. It was co-founded by Nigel Sarbutts in the software industry and caters to individuals and businesses seeking PR freelance services.

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Heard is a unique social network that allows users to connect and share with others. Emphasizing conversations, Heard takes on a new spin on social networking. Their website offers additional information about their software, which is designed for mobile use and also covers social media services.


RDvault is revolutionizing financial services and fintech with its unique approach to R&D tax credits. The company offers the world’s only fully integrated R&D tax credits software, empowering businesses and advisors to claim R&D tax incentives innovatively. Find out more on their website.


Quantilytics is a firm that provides mobile development, data science and AI, desktop application solutions, and web development services. An intersection of multiple fields, this innovative company can be found at this link.


NextUpRecruitment has developed a recruitment platform that helps make scholarships more accessible than ever before. Co-founded by Ryan Cook, this innovative SaaS-enabled service enhances college recruiting, consulting, and sports industry. More information can be found here.


Jobseekrs is an interesting video interactive job-site that aims to mitigate unconscious bias when matching candidates to suitable roles. To understand how Jobseekrs is redefining the HR software industry, visit their website. The startup was co-founded by Jamaal Brathwaite.


Flyte offers software services for agencies to manage their clients’ reviews, local presence and online reputations. The brainchild of Bryan O Neil and Justin Gilchrist, the company’s platform presents a novel approach to internet services. Details can be foundhere.


Viper is an award-winning nightlife app developed by Craig Davies, Craig Gidley, and Stephen Powell. The software helps users browse and book tables, drinks packages, and queue jump in bars and clubs by simply clickinghere.

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Vivus Hub designs apps that facilitate and enhance live experience sharing. Co-founded by Seun Oboite, thecompany operates within various industries, including event management, social networking, and IT.


SMART LIFESTYLE LIMITED, headed by Wenli Bu, operates WeDrive, a fantastic, data-driven platform for car learners and driving instructors.Their website provides further insight into their creative approach to education and information services.


SheriffWare is a leading independent digital security solutions provider dedicated to enhancing cybersecurity. Concepts conceived by Ali Altaf, Amir Altaf, and Hanumant Raghuvanshi, have given birth to this company, which primarily focuses on cloud security, enterprise software, internet of things and network security.


WalletAds is a mobile engagement platform that integrates social, mobile wallet, payment, and web technologies, creating a comprehensive solution for mobile app users. Visit their website to discover more about their offer.


SeeChange is a company that specializes in AI software and real-time visual intelligence solutions. Co-founded by Ibrahim Chadirchi, Jason Souloglou, and Mark Brady, they offer a unique service blend of artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, and video components. More information can be obtained here.


PixelMax is pioneering the deployment of high-quality 3D metaverses on a global scale. Andy Sands, Rob Hilton, and Shay O’Carroll co-founded this company that has its roots in 3D technology, event industry, software development and virtual worlds. To explore more, visit their website.


AscensionQ’s system helps research sites with their operations and improves patient recruitment in clinical trials. Positioned within the clinical trials and software industry, this startup presents an innovative resource for the medical research community. Visit their website to learn more about their novel approach.

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