Which are Oxfordshire’s Most Influential Software Startups in 2023?

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There is a new wave of promising software startups emerging from Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, that are set to revolutionise different sectors by providing innovative solutions to existing problems. These startups are not only reshaping the coding landscape but are also setting the bar high for budding entrepreneurs. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of these ambitious startups.

Oxfordshire, the city of spires is not just famous for its prestigious university but it’s also a hub of tech innovation boasting numerous software startups. These startups are stirring up the tech industry with their unique offerings – from Cyber Security to Blockchains, Event Planning to Quantum-Safe Standards, and AI to Composite Tooling, there’s no area these innovators aren’t influencing.

These emerging companies have the potential not only to influence the software industry in the UK, but also globally. So, let’s embark on a journey through the software startup landscape of Oxfordshire.

The Defence Works

The Defence Works is a frontrunner in offering Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing solutions. With a prime focus on Cyber Security, Information Technology, Network Security, Security, and Software, it was founded by Eddie Whittingham.


Empowering organizations to build a more efficient and trusted world, Vizidox is a Provenance-as-a-Service company. Led by its founder Freddy Elturk, Vizidox aims to bring transparency and trust in Blockchain and Information Technology field.

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Transforming the event-planning field, Wevedo has created an innovative application that allows suppliers to connect with users in a unique way. The stakes are high for this software startup specializing in Internet of Things and Software.


With an unparalleled approach to security, PQShield is helping customers transition their product lines from legacy RSA and Elliptic Curve cryptography to quantum-safe standards. Established by Ali El Kaafarani, this firm operates in the Cyber Security and Software industry.


Plyable is on a mission to create a global marketplace for composite tooling, leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and other technologies. The dream team of Adam England, Adam Lofts, and Martin Oughton bring this phenomenal vision to life.


A spinout of Oxford University’s Computer Science department, DeepReason.ai has constructed a Knowledge Graph Platform with unique reasoning power. With a primary focus on Enterprise Software and Knowledge Management, it was founded by Emanuel Sallinger, Georg Gottlob, and Stéphane Reissfelder.

Zing Dev

Zing Dev is firmly establishing its reputation as a technology services business. The company focuses on Computers and Software development.


Melu offers 24/7 live chat services for various businesses across numerous fields. This tech startup, co-founded by Lee Rennie, specialises in Contact Management, Information Technology, Internet, and Software.


Revolutionising the energy efficiency space, EcoSync offers an intelligent platform that prevents heating of empty rooms and reduces energy consumption by up to 50%. The company operates primarily in the Cloud Computing, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, and Software industry.


Ohutu has made its mark by providing web and mobile app solutions. Its focus lies in the Construction, SaaS, and Software industry.

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Foresight Works

Foresight Works is dedicated to enhancing organisations’ ability to manage and execute complex megaprojects. This Analytics, Information Technology and Software startup was founded by Atif Ansar.


Morphotech, founded by Freddy Elturk, offers bespoke software development, creating operational systems and products for various businesses.


Delivering powerful online advertising data to make informed decisions, PriceSynergy.IO specializes in Advertising, Analytics, Big Data, E-Commerce, Internet, Retail Tech, and Software. Recognised for its innovation, it was started by Tim Ford.

Aquobex Technologies

Aquobex Technologies uses groundbreaking software to minimise the human and financial impacts of disasters. Co-founded by John Alexander and Martin Dolan, this startup operates within the Information Technology and Software sector.

Living Optics

Living Optics is an imaging technology company founded by Muhammad Firmansyah, Robin Wang, and Zachary Yerushalmi. Specialising in Image Recognition, Information Technology, and Software, Living Optics is set to transform these industries.

The burgeoning software startups in Oxfordshire are not just encouraging the tech-savvy youth but they are also proving to be the future of the software industry. With their go-getter spirit, this inspiring breed of startups is transforming the business landscape.

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